ome of our web pages contain graphics that have been taken from external sources. We present here the most resourceful sites, with the hope of leading you to interesting sites from where you can get useful resources for your own use, at the same time acknowledging good work done by others.

The Calcutta Online web-site has photographs that represent the art and culture of West Bengal. It is also one of the first sites that targeted Bengal and Bengalees. This has been a useful source of graphics for our page. Thanks a lot.

The official West Bengal HomePage has a simple and decent presentation. It does not use obtrusive graphics, is well organized, is rich in its information content, and works well on old generation browers too without much problem. This site has provided a lot of inspiration for our graphic layout. Some of the graphics have been picked up directly from this site as well.

Some animated icons were picked up from Icon Bazaar and WebSpice.

The fonts on this page have been picked up from several sources, some of which we had purchased. However, the best site we have found for fonts is Custom Effects. A fantastic source of free fonts!

No acknowledgement list will be compete without mentioning Andy's Art Attack. The tutorials on Photoshop provided the much needed training and guidance for designing a web-page of this kind.

The tools required for the graphics were obtained from several sources. Prominently, we have used products from Ulead , Adobe, Fractal Design, Crystal Graphics and Expert Software.

Bengali fonts to create some of the pages were obtained from Calcutta Online's Bangali Adda.

The layout of the new Web pages was designed and implemented by Anupam Bagchi. It was derived from the content of the older Prabasi Web pages which was done by Anjan Tarafder. Our pages are currently maintained by Anjan Tarafder and Anupam Bagchi.

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