n an attempt to provide you with the best guide on Bay Area living for the South-East Asian community here, we are introducing this section on Bay Area Living.

You can turn to this section to look up restaurants, shops, travel needs, schools, real-estate requirements, legal advice and others. If you are interested in posting your advertisement, you may do so through our automated posting page. Basic postings by local businesses are free.

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Businesses have been categorized under several sections. Among them are Restaurants, Food Stores, Garments or Fabrics, General Merchandise, Travel, Jewellery, Household Appliances, TeleCommunication, Professional Training, Real Estate and Loans, Placement Service, Legal Advice, Music, Dance, Spiritual & Astrology, Health, Investment, Insurance and a general category for everything else. If you live in the Bay Area and have hit upon a good store that you would like to share among other residents, please collect all relevant data and enter it through our advertisement form.

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