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HC p¤c§l fÊh¡­p­a  
BS HM¡­e fÊh¡p£­a  
h¡N ­ch£l Bn£h¡Ñe£  
ph¡l S£h­e ¢cL B¢e  
p¤M pjª¢Ü J Be¾c  
q¡Øe¤q¡e¡l p¤N¸d |

- ü¡Na hp¤j¢õL  <swgto@lsil.com>

p¡l¡ fª¢bh£l h¡P¡¢ml¡ H­p 
p¡h¡C ¢j­m cm ­hy­d h­p 
¢mM­R N­è¡, ¢mM­R L¢ha¡ 
CeÚV¡l - ­e­V R¡f¡ q­h a¡ 
¢mM­R ph¡C h¡wm¡ i¡o¡u 
M¤¢n­a a¡C je i¡­l k¡u 
ph¡C ¢j­m ¢m­M k¡C a¡C ­hn­a¡ 
e¡ qu ­ke Hl ­L¡e ¢ceJ ­no ­a¡ |

 - ¢ej¡ÑmÉ ­O¡o 

We are making a modest beginning. Don't hesitate to submit an article, if you have any. We accept only original articles.   

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