Shankha Vishwajanin
Shankha Vishwajanin
Winter-99 Issue
Sohini's Poems
- Sohini Khan - 
(Grade 1) 


Playing ChildrenMy name is Sohini Khan 
I like to have fun 
I am six years old 

My favorite color is gold 
My skin color is brown 
Iím a girl from this town. 


Halloween is coming soon 
Pumpkins getting bright like a moon 
Witches flying on their brooms 
Big black cats in their rooms. 

Flickinger Park 

I like to play in the park 
But not when itís very dark 
There are lots of slides and swings 
When I swing, I like to sing 
Itís very fun slide 
When I slide I hold the side. 


g~hvh PÑl bfl fblPÑlfk, 
wmn gnß yÑim fpfl fkhYh fYfk!  
rhfy ahfs ahkhfSfy c~hv ahr yhrh,  
shrhivn bl fviK Yhfk fkhYh orh!  

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