Shankha Vishwajanin
Shankha Vishwajanin
Winter-99 Issue

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We are specially happy and proud that this issue starts the second year of our bilingual magazine, Shankha Viswajanin, on the Internet. In spite of the passage of one year, due to our keenness on quality and focus, it is still modest in size and breadth. The number of authors is also small.

We would like to emphasize that the primary mission of our magazine is two-fold: portrayal of our life in our adopted lands; and, foster the talents of our people living in these lands through their original contributions. This being our mission, it would be improper to load our magazine with an excess of articles either pre-published or about Calcutta or India. These types of articles are abundant in other numerous papers and magazines.

We would like to maintain the focus of our magazine on three specific aspects, among others. We want to portray our socio-economic-cultural life in our adopted lands. In addition, we would also want to know how the people in our great ancestral land view our life. The third aspect we would like to know, how we, the people in our adopted lands, view the events and socio-economic-cultural evolutions in our ancestral land. To meet all of these above curiosities and self-imposed demands, we need the help of authors from both sides of the oceans.

To enhance the quality of Shankha Viswajanin is our ambition, for which we need the help of a large number of authors with their quality contributions. We thus extend our invitation to all to help us fulfill our ambition.

We would like to pay homage to and remember two great sons of Bengal. One - recently-awarded Nobel Laureate Sri Amartya Sen. Second - whose birthday decorates this month - Netaji Subhas Bose.

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