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About Shankha

Shankha is a cultural and literary magazine sponsored by Bay Area Prabasi Inc. The magazine was inaugurated in 1985 with the involvement of the Bengalees of San Fransisco Bay Area. For the past thirteen years Shankha has been published in the print medium three to four times a year. Previous issues of Shankha have carried articles written by authors from all over North America and India.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, Shankha intends to expand its horizon and appear as Shankha Vishwajanin on the Web.

AlponaInitially Shankha Vishwajanin will have four issues a year. In addition to articles (essays, stories, poems, opinions, etc.), paintings, drawings, animations or cartoons will also be featured in the magazine. 

The presentation of social issues is the principal objective of Shankha. The cultivation of Bengalee and Indian culture and literature is also a major objective of Shankha Vishwajanin. To meet these two objectives, Shankha Vishwajanin is bilingual (Bengali and English). 

Lady with GhoraShankha Vishwajanin is a non-religious, non-communal and non-political magazine. 

Article Submissions

To send articles to Shankha Vishwajanin, please mail (or e-mail) them directly to the Editor, or submit it through the Web. Mailed articles should be sent to: 

Editor, Shankha Magazine 
158 Firestone Drive 
Walnut Creek CA 94598-3648 USA
Phone/Fax: (925)944-7000


Submissions through the Web may be done using the Bengali Transliteration System. After composing your article, press the Submit button, and type in your name and address to continue with the submission. For questions regarding Web submissions, please contact Dr. Anupam Bagchi via telephone at (408)777-5842 or via E-mail to

Bengali Fonts

Normally you will not need to install any special fonts to see Shankha Vishwajanin if you are using Netscape Communicator 4.0 or Internat Explorer 4.0. If you don't have a good browser, get it from Netscape's site. You may need to install Bengali fonts if you wish to compose an article for Shankha Vishwajanin (or Shankha) using a word processing package like Word. We are offering you the fonts only for the purpose of composing your own articles or viewing the articles on an old browser.

Click here to download Bengali Fonts. Unzip the file and follow instructions in README.txt. If you need help with the keyboard layout, we have a Word file that conveniently displays the key associations with the normal QWERTY keyboard. Download this file, view it in Microsoft Word, and take a print-out before you start typing.

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