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Welcome to Shankha Vishwajanin - the internet version of Bay Area Prabasi Inc.'s cultural and literary magazine Shankha. Prabasi is now proud to present the fifth issue of the internet version - the Spring 2000 issue. This issue is the first one in our third year on the Internet.

Old to New Shankha LogoThe goal of Prabasi is to present the glorious Bengalee and Indian culture, literature, tradition, and heritage to the World. Shankha Vishwajanin will play a vital role towards the accomplishment of this ambitious goal.

Shankha has played an important role in presenting original articles written by Prabasi Bengalis, meaning Bengalis who have been away from their motherland. One of the main emphasis points of Shankha is thus the presentation of the Prabasi life-style, not only in US but in the entire world. Shankha, however, has in the past also carried articles written by Swadeshi Bengalis as well. We invite all and everyone to contribute to Shankha Vishwajanin.

There are now five issues on the Internet:

Spring 00 Issue
Spring 00
Autumn 99 Issue
Autumn 99
Winter 99 Issue
Autumn 98 Issue
Autumn 98
Summer 98 Issue
Summer 98