Shankha Vishwajanin
Shankha Vishwajanin in Bengali

bhxlh BhAh o shiHfy]r p/khS bh}lh wb} bhxhlIr bhefr K[be sIimy - ibfSA kfr ph^chfy]. we sIimyhbÆhr u»zn sHj nz. bhxlhfk ibfS=r vrbhfr fp~ùfC fvozhr wk an]ym uphz ibiB» BhAhz bh}lh-shiHfy]r an[bhv. we v[ræH p/fc&thz b/yI HfzfCn fb-wirzhr ahmhfvre wkjn flKk S/IaimyhB bs[. y~re inb_hicy rbI@v/nhfYr ikC[ kibyh wb} ghfnr an[bhfv y~hr nyÑn be 'ilirk\s\ tÑ lhB\' (Lyrics to Love). w-Vrf>r p/fc&th uär ahfmirkhz aiv=yIze blh cfl.
ph^chfy] shVhr> nhgirfkr K[b kme rbI@v/nhfYr flKhr sf¤ prIicy. Z~hrh rbI@v/nhY s$bfnß jhfnn, y~hfvr pfqo ibfS=r we an]ym fS/ì kib o shiHiy]fkr s<jnSIlyhr a~hc krh K[be S|. wr p/Vhn khr> BhAhr b]bVhn. S/Ibs[ fse b]bVhn-e G[chbhr fc&th kfrfCn y~hr an[bhfvr mV] ivfz. rbI@v/nhfYr kibyhr sb_jnInyh, ahfbg o Bhbp/b>yho S/Ibs[fk we v[ræH khfj an[p/hi>y kfrfC.
S/Ibs[r bH[ bCfrr pirS/fmr Psl 'ilirk\s\ tÑ lhB\'. we s[KphT] beit sbhefke bhxlh BhAh o shiHfy] an[fp/r>h fjhghfb.
  The Bengali 'language and literature' is largely absent outside Bengal (East and West) and the Bengalees - especially in the Western World. The improvement of this situation is, at best, very difficult. Translating the works of our prominent Bengali litterateurs in the major languages of the World is one of the best ways to popularize this Bengali treasure. One of our Bay Area resident, Amitabha Basu, has takrn the bold step towards this goal. His new book of translation of some the selected poems and songs of Rabindranath Tagore is 'Lyrics to Love'. This kind of effort is perhaps second to none in North America.

Very few in the Western World is familiar with Rabindranath's literary works. Among those, who are familiar with his name, very few are able to fathom the immense depth of the work of this one of the best poet and novelist ever lived on this Earth. The foremost reason for this the language barrier. Amitabha Basu has taken up this challenge to remove the barrier through his translation. The universal appeal and profound feelings of Rabindranath's poems and songs have also inspired Basu to step into this colossal and difficult effort.

The culmination of many years of effort is Amitabha Basu's book 'Lyrics to Love'. This unique translation will inspire all to fathom the treasures of Rabindranath's works.

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