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Movie "Earth"

Dear Editor:

Deepa Mehta's movie "Earth" is a must see. This is an excellent film most definitely worth watching - A very well-told story of how ordinary men can turn into villains and monsters. The hate overcomes ordinary human beings unless they think deeply- and it starts what I call the "Chambal Syndrome". Each person takes revenge, with vengeance, on innocents for acts of hate and brutality of which they are victims. Then it just snow-balls out of control. That's what is so poignantly depicted in this well told story. It makes anybody with a brain - think. I lived through the Rourkela riots of 1964; they were not too different. I helplessly watched from a hostel top, at a distance (about 1 mile), the killing of a person of one religious belief by the people of another religious belief, like the one in this movie. It shattered my naive notion that the people of one religious belief are less brutal than the people of another religious belief. I am totally against hate-related violence because of that. I urge every one of our friends and foes to see this movie - 'Earth'; friends, so they reaffirm their faith in pluralism and foes, to know how it can get out of control to their detriment.

Sandip K. Dasverma

United States of South Asia (USSA)

Dear Editor:

What it would be like - if all the states and provinces of India and Pakistan and Bangladesh form a country like USA or at least like Newly Independent States (NIS, ex-Soviet Block), having autonomy (may be independent - so that there is no fear for a Big Brother). The amount of money both India and Pakistan spend for the defense purpose is simply unacceptable. We can stop investing this huge money; spend more money in economic development, in improving the quality of education, better health care facility and access to a justified better standard of living. Certainly we can.

The mistrust among the South Asian nations is not only to be blamed on British colonial rule (or on western interest group) but also on our own weakness of being the victim of their influence and plan, and not being able to realize our own role.

I welcome readers to pass their comments about the concept of USSA. I expect mild to strong opposition to my proposal but would like to receive feedback both in favor and disfavor.

S. Hafiz

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