Shankha International
Shankha International in Bengali
Autumn-98 Issue
The Two Poems
- Preety Sengupta -
(New York)
Standing on the shore
When I hear
The continual melody of the waves
I wonder,
Who is this musician?
Don't these notes ever breakup?
At the edge of dusk
When I see
The sky beckoning resplendent
I wonder,
Who is this painter?
Don't these colors ever run out?
Feet do get tired,
Want to stop,
But I see the path
Going on and on,
And then I wonder,
Who could be such a wanderer?
What must be this destination?
When inside the heart
Suddenly flowers blossom,
When like a breeze or a drizzle
Feelings stir within;
Whenever I become
Aware being alive -
I know that
I am fortunate,
A witness to the miraculous.
When I see the trails
I gain hopes
That someone has been through here.
I am not the first one in this journey;
I am not alone on this path.
When the dust settles down
The foot-prints of other travellers
Will certainly become clear.
Piercing thick layers
A sound reaches the center.
In a litle while, when it is quiet,
Its direction will be revealed.
Still there are clouds, fog, and
Invisible attacks of enclosing air.
But what hurry am I in?

I still sit and wait at the bank of Kali Gandaki(1)
Where every stone is transformed
Into a Shaligram(2)
When it is time
The trident of Pashupatinath(3)
Will rip apart all shrouds.
A soul-mate will be manifest then,
And all snow-capped abodes of Gods
Will become well-defined.

(1) A river in Nepal
(2) A stone in Shiva's image
(3) Lord Shiva's name in Nepal
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