Shankha International
Shankha International in Bengali
Autumn-98 Issue
From The Land of Gandhi
- Arjun Banerjee -
(Grade 5)
Let me tell you about growing up,
Indian in America.
I really, truly like it here,
Especially in the Bay Area.

Fifty years of India’s Independence,
That was the occasion.
The Fremont Main Library,
That was the location.

The show started with a bang,
We told our stories, danced and sang.
The stories we told were Indian myths,
About Gods, Goddesses and mysterious nymphs.
The songs we sang were patriotic ones,
And singing along was a lot of fun!
We sang of Krishna, the God of Love,
Who looks down on us, from above.

It felt good to show our customs,
It felt great when we could share,
Special thoughts from the Land of Gandhi,
Thoughts of love and peace, and care.

We are indeed fortunate,
To have this opportunity,
To be American and Indian,
And to grow with dual dignity.
Thank you Oh America!
We will never fail you,
We have the space to be ourselves,
For that we will always love you.

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