Shankha International
Shankha International in Bengali
Autumn-98 Issue
ibS=jhfl "SXK ibS=jnIn"-wr wit iv=yIz infbvn. wr p/khSnhz fvrI Hozhr jn] ahmrh K[be v[:iKy. "SXK" fZ wKno bhRë ZÖ>h fYfk m[i| phzin yh blhe bhH[l]! v[g_h p{jhr smfze wr p/khSnh invß_hiry iCl; ikëÑ ibfSA ikC[ amhj_nIz khrf> yh s$Bb Hzin.

Z~hrh ibS=jhfl ahmhfvr ahbhs fvfKfCn wb} "SXK" pfRfCn, y~hfvr afnk Vn]bhv jhnhe. ibfSA kfr Z~hrh smz infz "SXK" s$bfnß y~hfvr myhmy jhinfzfCn.

"SXK" wKno s$p{>_h¤ræfp p/khiSy Hozhr pZ_hfz ahsin. afnk ibAz, Zh ahmrh av{r BibA]fy s}fZhijy krhr pirk%pnh kfriC, yh wKno krh Hfz ofTin. yhe ahmrh ahmhfvr flKk-fliKkhfvr khfC ahfbvn jhnhe y~hrh fZn y~hfvr rcnh s$phvk (s[nIl fGhA) bh ibS=jhl ibfSAfôr (an[pm bhgcI) khfC phThn wb} s$p{>_h¤ræfp p/khSnhz shHhZ] kfrn.

wbhfrr "SXK"-r ibfSA ahkA_> Hl fChtfvr wkit nyÑn ibBhg. ahr wkit an]ym ahkA_> klkhyhr s[p/isvß shiHiy]k S/Inhrhzn shn]hflr rcnh. ahSh kir ahpnhrh wsb upfBhg krfbn. Vn]bhv.


This is the second issue of our Shankha International on the Web. We are still going through the growing pains as is evidenced by our delayed appearance. Although our desired appearance was scheduled along with our celebration of Durga Puja, for one or another inexcusable reason, we faltered to present this issue on time. We sincerely apologize for this delay.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those who have visited our site and read our magazine. We particularly appreciate those who took time to let us know their opinion about the magazine.

Our magazine has not fully matured yet. Many departments that we hope to add in the near future are still in their formative stages. Thus, we request all authors to contribute their articles to the editor (Sunil Ghose) or to our Internet Architect (Anupam Bagchi) and help us grow.

We have made a major addition in this issue - we have added a Children's section. Another attractive feature is the article by Calcutta's famous author Sri Narayan Sanyal. We hope you will enjoy our magazine. Thank you.

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