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We the Prabasis are here for better education, better career, and better life. We are all Californians now. Hence, this section is not just for Prabasi Bengali/Indian, it is for "all". Here is a collection of very useful links to local news papers, museums, colleges, stock brokerage firms, travel agencies, local events guide, and more. As these are links to other sites you may want to "bookmark" this page or the Prabasi Home Page so that you can easily find your way back to this spot. ENJOY...

Local Headlines

Need to keep up with news, entertainment, sports, fashions trends? Need assistance with planning your next vaccation? Here are two great sources for you to try. You will be very glad that you did.

Digital City: Everything you want to know about San Francisco Bay Area. Contains links to local newspapers, entertainment guides, theater reviews, and more. I highly recomend you to visit this site.
CSAA: California chapter of AAA (American Automobil Association). You may want to check out the monthly "Events Calendar" in their online edition of the VIA magazine.

Are you a nature lover? A photographer? Here is natural beauty of California as seen through the lenses of Ansel Adams, one of the greatest photographers. California through a master's eye  Go back to top

Colleges and Universities

University of California, Berkeley (University of California College System)
University of California, San Francisco (University of California College System)
University of California, Santa Cruz (University of California College System)
Stanford University (Private College)
San Francisco State College (California State College System)
San Jose State College (California State College System)
Hayward State College (California State College System)
De Anza College (Community College)
Chabot College (Community College)   Go back to top

The Museums

Everyday many exciting events take place in these museums. Events include art exhibits, film festivals, lecture/seminar series on contemporary issues, and more. Even if you are not a hardcore "art" fan, you may want to visit these sites periodicaly.

San Jose Museum of Art
Oakland Museum of California
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Legion of Honor
Berkeley Art Museum
The Exploratorium   Go back to top

The Bookshops

Need to keep up with the "wise guys"? Quickly buy some books. Save time and money. Buy online.

Amazon  Possibly the earth's largest book store???  Check it out!!!
Computer Literacy  This is the bookstore of choice for the Silicon Valley computer nerds.   Go back to top

The Brokerages

How is your finances? How well did your stocks do today? Need the latest news on 401K/IRA or ANNUITY? Here are some fact filled online brokerages that stay open for you 24 hours.

DLJ direct
Investor's Edge
Merrill Lynch
Charles Schwab   Go back to top


Do you have travel on your mind? Here is list of travel agencies, and other travel related services that may save you lot of headaches if you browse their information online.

United Airlines
American Airlines
Northwest Air
British Airways
TravelAir Offering discount air fare to India from U.S.A.
Center for Disease Control Travel Information Comprehensive source of vaccination/inoculation requirements to foreign countries.
Passport Services Are you sure you have the correct type of passport?   Go back to top