rabasi's web-site has a short history of its own. Here are some selected destinations on our web-site that were created for special occasions in the past.

Past Events, Activities, Literary Issues

19th North American Bengali Conference, 1999

Events from August 1997 to May 1998

Durga Puja 1998 and Kalipuja 1998

Durga Puja 1999 and Kalipuja 1999

Summer 1998 Issue of Shankha Vishwajanin

Autumn 1998 Issue of Shankha Vishwajanin

Winter 1999 Issue of Shankha Vishwajanin

Autumn 1999 Issue of Shankha Vishwajanin

Durga Puja 1997 web-page

Baisakhi 1998 web-page

Durga Puja 1998 web-page

Saraswati Puja 1999 web-page

Kali Puja 1999 web-page

Baishakhi 2000 web-page

Durga Puja 2000 web-page

Kali Puja 2000 web-page

Saraswati Puja 2001 web-page

Baishakhi 2001 web-page

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Kali Puja 2001 web-page

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Kali Puja 2002 web-page

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Saraswati Puja 2004

How Prabasi was formed?

ne fine afternoon at San Pablo Dam of May 1974, the Bengalis in the Bay Area kicked around the idea of having a Bengali organization while having a beautiful time at the picnic. Some senior members of the community, Ramen Chakraborty and late Jnanen Tarafder, asked Satya Ray to organize a Bengali organization as he did Tagore society in Boston, Massachusetts. Tagore society was purely a leisurely conversation over a cup of tea which, incidentally, is a great Bengali tradition. At that moment Prabasi was conceived.  The first meeting was called at the apartment of Lincoln Ave, Alameda where about forty enthusiastic Bengalis met to nurture the conceived idea of forming a Bengali Association. After long deliberations, an interim name Tagore Society was given. This sounded like a national chain of Bengali organizations started at many other places at that time. This was a pure coincidence and resulted from our love, affection, and respect for Rabindra Nath Tagore.

he final moment came when we gathered on July of 1974 to witness the birth of baby Prabasi. As a member of a traditional society, we started with a traditional structure which is very common in India. The first president was Sri Ramen Chakraborty as a head of the organization, and Sri Satya Ray was the first general secretary and the chief executive officer. We used to conduct all our businesses through the elected area representatives who would decide how many people would attend from an area, how much food would have to be prepared by the delegated members and the like.  We kicked off Prabasi's program with a celebration of independence day on 15th August and a colorful children sports. A Bengali School was formed by Mrs. Sumitra Ray, and Mrs. Sarbani Ghosal at El Cerrito residence of Tushar Ray. The Bengali community was very small those days, about seventy families or so, and it was like a big family where everyone used to participate in Puja, cultural programs, cooking, etc. according to their area of interest. 

n 1978 under the presidency of Sri Mritunjoy Ghosh the structure of the organization was amended to the present form where the president is the chief executive officer who selects his team to execute the affairs of the organization. 

he next significant move for Prabasi was in 1983 when she got herself registered as a non-profit organization in California to give some tax incentive to its members, and was registered as Bay Area Prabasi Incorporated The state of California requires a permanent body to deal with the organization; so the Board of Directors was formed in 1984 to handle liaison with the government, auditing, and organizing unscheduled programs. The execution of yearly scheduled programs are conducted by the president. 

Past and present Chairman of the Board:

'84-'87: Apurba Mukherjee '91-'92: Ardendhu Raha 1996: Ramen Chatterjee
1988: Ranjit Chakravorty '93-'94: Satya Ray '97-'01: Shyamal Choudhury
'89-'90: Amal Sinha 1995: Sakti Basu 2001 - 2005: Surajit Sengupta
2005-2006: Dr. Alok Chatterjee 2007-2009: Pradip Banerjee 2010-: Ashis K Sengupta
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