e realize that establishing an important communication channel with our members is very important for our success. This page is designed to serve the same purpose.  Click on the links below to go to the section you desire.

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he fastest way to communicate your ideas is by sending us an Email. Before you send us a mail, make sure that you have read the FAQ. Most common questions are answered there, and it is likely that you may find an answer to your question in the list. If you still have a unique question, go ahead and send us a mail now by clicking the button below.
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n addition to posting information on this web-site, Prabasi periodically sends Email to its members to notify them of important events. Prabasi members, who have provided their correct Email address, receive this mail regularly. Email is now the official method of communication to our members. In case you missed an Email, you may look back and refer to the mail from here.

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If you are a Prabasi member and your Email address is not with us, you may add/change your Email address in your profile through the Membership System.


f you are a first time visitor, you may sign our guest book.

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Discussion Forum

The Prabasi Discussion Forum allows you to exchange ideas within the community. Any member who joins the community will be able to communicate with other members via Email. Membership is free and voluntary, and can be terminated at any time.

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