rabasi is here to serve the Bengali and other South-East Asian community. That is why we have the community pages. This is a community notice board where you can post your notices to be seen by all our visitors. Posting here is FREE for all visitors. Notices can be made active for a maximum of 180 days.

Prabasi reserves the right to publish or delete a community notice at any time.

There are several categories on the notice board. You may post your notice under any of these categories:

  • Cultural Gathering
  • Medical Help
  • Social Gathering
  • Religious/Educational Gathering
  • Sports
  • Promotion of Web-site/Services/Books/Products

If someone would like to use the Prabasi membership database for non-Prabasi sponsored activities then the following rules (all and inclusive) apply:

Email broadcast:

  • The event has to support charity
  • The association has to be non-profit
  • Prabasi's name should be mentioned during the event
  • The association should reciprocate by broadcasting Prabasi's events through their mailing list

Postage mailing:

Promotional fliers can be enclosed with Prabasi's regular mail at a certain cost.

Prabasi Board has the sole authority to accept or reject the request.


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