ay Area Prabasi, a non-profit organization has the following vision:

  • To build a Community Center for members and other communities to enhance their spiritual, cultural, artistic and social experience through activities related to our rich cultural heritage.

ay Area Prabasi, a non-profit organization has the following mission:

  • PROMOTE awareness of Bengali ethnic identity and its cultural and spiritual heritage.
  • PROVIDE education and training resources in different regions of Bay Area for teaching Bengali language, culture, tradition and spiritual practice.
  • ORGANIZE cultural events involving (without limitation) Bengali and other Indian traditional and contemporary songs, drama and dances.
  • PLAN AND HOST periodic conferences and meetings to allow members to network, learn and share experiences for personal and career development.
  • ORGANIZE seminars and symposia involving Bengali youth, as well as youths of other Indian origin with their American counterparts to discuss the assimilation of the first and second generation immigrants within the American mainstream.
  • ORGANIZE events to raise funds for the relief of distress and other charitable causes.
  • PROMOTE international sports with the mainstream population in partnership with the school district.

rabasi has an yearly membership fee structure. You can download membership forms and other related forms from here. The automated Web-based Membership System will provide you with a membership number and a password which will enable you to change your personal data at any time.

Prabasi's Constitution

Nomination form for Prabasi Board of Directors

n elected Board of Directors coordinates all Prabasi actvities. The present board members of Prabasi are listed below.


Ashis K Sengupta (ashisksengupta [at] yahoo.com)

General Secretary:
Prasenjit Sengupta (prasenjits [at] hotmail.com)
Nilanjana Roy (nilanjana_r [at] yahoo.com)


Rana Bose (bose.rana [at] gmail.com)

Surajit Sengupta (surajit_sen_gupta [at] yahoo.com)

Pradip Banerjee (pradipbanerjee87 [at] gmail.com)

Anjali Banerjee (banerjeea [at] wintecind.com

Subrata Dey (subrata_dey [at] yahoo.com)

Indra Chatterjee (mailtoinc [at] gmail.com)

Arindam Samanta (samanta38 [at] yahoo.com)

Dalia Sen (daliasen [at] gmail.com)

nternet Coordinators:

Anupam Bagchi (anupam_bagchi [at] rocketmail.com)

Arindam Samanta (samanta38 [at] yahoo.com)

hankha Editor:

Sunil Ghose (skghose [at] yahoo.com)

Board Of Directors: Bay Area Prabasi has eleven Board of Directors who are elected by the Members through an election Process. The elected Board of Directors serve the Board for three years. No election is held if the number of candidates are less than the number of vacancies, also known as "No Contest Elections". Elections are held if there are vacancies. The term begins on July 1st of every year. There are three officers: Chairman, General Secretary and the Treasurer.

Interim Director or Nominated Director: In case the Board does not have enough candidates to fill in positions during the election day, then the Board can nominate a suitable candidate to fill in that position for one year only. If the candidate wishes to continue or serve for the full three years term then he or she needs to stand for election.

Chairman: The Chairman is elected by the Board and has to be a member of the Board of Director. The General Members do NOT elect the Chairman. General Members can only elect Directors. The term for the Chairman is for two years starting July 1st or when the previous Chairman's term ends. The Chairman can serve the board for a maximum of two terms in his or her life.

Treasurer: The Board elects treasurer for two years. Treasurer has to be a member of the Board.

General Secretary: The Board also elects Secretary for two years. Secretary has to be a member of the Board.

any members suggested there was a need for a few committees to provide an extension of the Board to facilitate the volunteer efforts and to work towards Prabasi's objectives and mission. This extension will attract many more volunteers who may find it difficult to participate in day-to-day activities as Board of Directors. Prabasi Board demands many volunteer hours and at least two meetings every month, therefore the Board's expectation in terms of level of commitment is high.

Prabasi has come a long way and we organize more events than in the past and so we need more volunteers and leaders. We have arranged for the formation of two committees in which members can contribute ideas. These committees will produce the next generation of leaders and new Directors will have to be part of these committees. As a Board Of Director you need to have the vision and these committees will expose individuals to the mission and vision of Prabasi.

Prabasi Board retention rate is not high because many enthusuastic applicants do not realise the level of committment. Many members apply for a Board position with lot of enthusiasm but unfortunately after few meetings they resign because of the level of involvement. This causes organisation re-structuring and lot of problems for the existing Board members including wastage of time to find a replacement and interruption in their operation. The Board has decided not to nominate members in the middle of the term. Board has aslo decided that future applicants for Board postion should serve some of the Board sponsored committees for one year. This will expose candidates to the work load and enable them to understand the structure and the vision before they can pledge for full committment. This will also enable an applicant to interface with the existing Board members. Teamwork is essential and knowing team members is the only key to successful operation for voluntary organisations like Prabasi

Advisory Committee: The Executive Council is an independent committee consitituting members of Prabasi selected by the Chairman and the Board to advise the Board on issues related to the operation of Prabasi.

To stand for the election you need to fill up the nomination form. The qualification, skills and commitments are mentioned in the form.

o you have any questions about Prabasi's Administration?
You may find your answer in our FAQ.

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