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PO Box 3493 
Fremont, CA 94539 
Tel: (408) 509-7203 
SHANKHA is a magazine published by Bay Area Prabasi, Inc. in October, and is distributed free of cost to more than 2000 members. The following rates will be valid and applicable in the publication of advertisements in the magazine, until further notice: 
Back Cover  $2500  __________________ 
Two Center Pages  $1500  __________________ 
Inside Cover (Front /Back)  $1000  __________________ 
Full Page  $500  __________________ 
Half Page  $300  __________________ 
Please sign below authorizing us to publish your advertisement in the forthcoming issue of SHANKHA and also include your artwork for the advertisement. 
Name of Business:  Name of Prabasi representative: 
Billing Address: 
Authorized Signature:   Date:  
Fax it to : Att: Bay Area Prabasi; 408-246-8006  
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