Bay Area Prabasi Volunteer Sign Up

You can help Bay Area Prabasi by volunteering for many of its activities. Volunteers (or any of their family members) must also be members of Bay Area Prabasi. As a volunteer you must first register and indicate your interest areas. You will be notified when volunteer effort is required in that area. We have diverse requirements to suit every interest.

If you are a member of Prabasi and would like to serve the community please enroll and indicate which task you would like to execute. If you are school-going, please enroll as a student volunteer and we would compensate your hours with a certificate indicating hours of community service.

In future if you would take more responsibility and would like to be a Board member, then this may be a testing ground of your bandwidth and commitment. All future aspirants planning to serve the Prabasi board need to serve Prabasi as volunteers. This will give the candidate an opportunity to understand the organization and commitment level as a Board member. 

Being a volunteer does not give you free Prabasi membership.

Sign Up for a Volunteer

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