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Prabasi does not have a pro-rated membership system. Our membership is for one year and starts on July 1st and end on June 30th of the following year. Membership renewal usually begins before Durga Puja. There is no pro-rated membership. So becoming a member at the beginning of our fiscal year is always good for the member and helps Board to prepare Prabasi's yearly budget.

Forgot your password and Membership number? Write to the Webmaster with as much detail as you can, at least specifying your last name and telephone number, and a new password will be generated and mailed to you.
Forgot your password but remember your Membership number? You can regenerate a new password for yourself. Go the password generation page, enter your personal information, and submit the form. Your password will be automatically mailed to the address we have on record.
Did not receive your renewal code yet? Write your membership number in the appropriate box above and click the button "Email me my renewal code". Your renewal code will be automatically mailed to the address we have on record.