Application Form For Prabasi Cultural Programs

(Please read carefully the "NOTE" at the end of this form before you apply)
Kindly note that we need to know at least 60 days in advance for any application.

Name of applicant:
Is this a Prabasi Sponsored Program(PSP)?: Yes    No
Are you a Prabasi member?: Yes    No
Are you a Program Director or Coordinator?: Yes    No
Are you a Performer?: Yes    No
All performers are: Children Adult Both
Are all performers Prabasi members?: Yes    No
Name of Organization or Group (if any):
Name of member Participants:
(first and last name)
Name of non-member Participants:
(first and last name)
Did you or group perform before?: No    Yes
If yes, please indicate:
(year and occasion)
Have you volunteered for prabasi before?: No    Yes
Mention your volunteering effort:
(Arrangement,Decoration,Transport etc.)
Contact Address:
Contact Phone:
Email ID:
Program Applying for:
Durga Puja Kali Puja
Saraswati Puja Anandamela (Annual Event)
Fund Raising for Prabasi  


Name of Program:
Type of Program (Dance, Drama, Songs etc.):
Duration of event:
Duration of of Break-time (if any):
Duration of Set-up-time (if any):
Exact dollar amount for reimbursement
expected from Prabasi:
Expected Expenses (item wise)
Will you or group be interested in fund raising: Yes    No
Brief Description of your program:


A. Sound Equipments:
Number of Microphones:
Special type of Microphones (if any):
(Please mention exact purpose)
Do you have your own volunteer
for the special arrangements & setup?:
Yes    No
B. Light Equipments:
Special type of Lights (if any):
(Please mention exact purpose)
Do you have your own volunteer
for the special arrangements & setup?:
Yes    No
C. Special Stage Requirements (if any) For example minimum dimensions, set, props etc.
Sets arrangement (if any):
(Please mention exact details with dimension pf riser, sets etc.)
Do you have your own volunteer
for the special arrangements & setup?:
Yes    No


Rules and Selection Criteria

Prabasi receives many cultural application throughout the year. There are many talented members who would like to show their talents on Prabasi platform. Prabasi encourages local talents. Prabasi has defined a selection criteria and process to ensure that we have quality programs and also to enroll volunteers. As we all agree without volunteers it is difficult to organize events. Prabasi expects members to volunteer their time in Prabasi events.

What is Prabasi Sponsored Program (PSP)?

  1. Prabasi Sponsored Program is a production when Prabasi requests any Program Directors (local or outsider) to produce a show/program under the Prabasi banner.
  2. Prabasi will provide the facility with the basic sound and lighting. Prabasi will also provide other production costs depending upon the type of production. The budget for the production needs to be approved, before the project starts.
  3. The Director is responsible for broadcasting a message to all Prabasi members for talent search. Since it is a production sponsored by Prabasi, members should know about the upcoming production and have a chance to contribute and participate in it.

What about other productions?

  1. Prabasi serves its members by not only providing a great entertainment package but also giving a platform to groups or individuals (both adults and children) to show their talents.
  2. Any individual or group interested in participating in Prabasi events, should apply through the cultural application form. Board will go through the application form and may select or reject the request based on guidelines and selection criteria.
  3. In case selected, Prabasi will provide the facility, basic sound, lighting and technicians. Prabasi will not be responsible for any other production cost.

Selection Criteria:

  1. To participate in Prabasi's cultural events one has to be a Prabasi member.
  2. The deadline for submitting the forms for a particular event is 60 days prior to the event. Applications may be considered after the deadline date if slots are available.
  3. Members should be notified of any PSP through broadcast mail.
  4. All cultural programs require approval from the Prabasi Board.
  5. Approval of programs is subject to the availability of infrastructure and facility in terms of quality of the show, expenses and time.
  6. Prabasi Board can reject an application if all process and guidelines are not followed. Prabasi Board will let the applicant know of any such decision.
  7. Prabasi has a policy of giving priorities to individual or groups who volunteer for Prabasi events and tasks.
  8. Any individual/group who has already performed before, will not have priority until they participate in volunteering work for Prabasi in the following areas: Registration ; Food Distribution; Prasad Arrangement-Distribution. (Green Room help & back stage help in any individual project will not be counted as volunteering efforts for Prabasi. Prabasi needs volunteers. It is a community organization and its success depends upon voluntary efforts of the community.)
  9. Any individual or group applying for the first time will also be given priority.
  10. For any program that requires more than 3 to 6 months of preparation, the applicant should get board approval before the beginning of the rehearsal. For faster approval, applicant should contact a Board Member and provide the proposal in person before the beginning of the rehearsal.
  11. For Prabasi Sponsored Programs (PSP) expected reimbursement value must be provided at the time of application procedure. Any request made after application process will not be accepted. Prabasi Board will approve the amount according to the availability of the fund. Anything excess of pre-approved reimbursement value will not be reimbursed. Itemized expense - report and receipts are must for reimbursement procedure. Prabasi board encourages you all to participate in fund-raising effort. Participants should look for sponsors
  12. Prabasi board will not be obligated to provide any additional / special Technical requirements (sound , light , stage sets etc) over and above the availability in the facility rented. Any additional/special technical supplies need Prabasi Board approval.
  13. Participants/Applicants must note that Time Slots will be provided by board and the coordinators after evaluating complete schedule of that particular event and according to the needs of tech support group. There will be no guarantee of Prime Time Slot.
  14. For group performance all non-members need to pay a Performance fee.
  15. All nonmembers performers need prior approval of the Board.
  16. Once a time slot is allocated , Cultural Coordinator appointed by the Board will coordinate the reporting time at the back stage for that particular program. The participant must ensure that performance is staged within the guidelines specified by the Board. Performance can not be delayed or repeated due to delay in reporting at the back stage or due to less number of audience in the auditorium.

Non- Member Performing Fee Structure Per Event Basis:-
EventIndividual Rate   Group Rate (Adult & Children)
Durga Puja Adult: $75.00 per person 20% off based on Individual rate in each category
Kali Puja Adult: $75.00 per person 20% off based on Individual rate in each category
Saraswati Puja;
Other special event
Adult: $45.00 per person 20% off based on Individual rate in each category
  1. To eligible for a group rate, it must be a 5 or more non-member participants in a group. Group less than 5 non-members will not be eligible for a group rate
  2. This price does not include any professional cultural show to attend during all events. Non-Members to see any professional cultural show required to buy a ticket separately.

Thank you for your application and interest in Prabasi cultural activities