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I am interested in applying for a banner advertisement in the Prabasi Home page on the World Wide Web. Along with it, I would be entitled to use one page for putting up my advertisement with pictures, total not exceeding 50 KB of disk space. I understand that the user will be lead to this page when he/she clicks on my banner ad.

I choose to opt for the following scheme:

Put your Initial below against one
Three month advertisement $100 __________________
One month advertisement $40 __________________
Please sign below authorizing us to publish your advertisement in the Web page.
Name of Business:

_____________________________________ ______________________________
Authorized Signature Date
Name of Prabasi representative:
Prabasi will compose the banner ad and web page for the advertisement if you ask us, or you may compose your own web-page. The contents of the web-page in either case is entirely your own responsiblility. Your banner ad may be time shared with other banner ads appearing in the same spot on Prabasi's Home page.

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