Utpalendu Chowdhury is famous for his renderings of Bengali folk sones. He is the son of legendary singer Nirmalendu Chowdhury and has been continuing his tradition with great success. Utpalenduu had been in the Bay Area before and had thrilled his audience with his authentic renderings of folk songs.
Narayan Bhattacharya is a well known name in the classical and semi-classical music circles in Calcutta. He took his talim from Ustad Sagiruddin Khan and Pandit Dinanath Mishra. Though Narayan Bhattacharya's speciality is classical Ragpradhan songs, Kheyal, Thungri etc., he will presenting mostly old Adhunik popular songs of Akhilbandhu Ghosh, Manabendra Mukherjee, Shyamal Mitra etc. and also Najrul Geeti.