This year we have put extra effort to select good programs for your enjoyment. The programs have a good mix of renowned artists from India and local talents.

Mita Kundu

Mita Kundu, a gifted vocalist from Calcutta is one of the most popular singers of North America today. She is gifted with unparalleled genius of excelling in Rabindra Sangeet, Folk songs, Hindi and Bengali Devotional Songs and Hindi Film Songs. Her rendition of Rabindrasangeet, nostalgic Hindi film songs, Folk Songs and Devotional Songs are unforgettable. She captures the imagination of the audience with her God Gifted voice.

Mita Kundu is a former radio & TV artist from Calcutta, now residing in Oregon. She was voted the 4th best Singer in recently held North American Bengali Conference in Toronto.


ShyamaShyama is probably the best dance drama composed by Nobel Laureate poet and musician, Rabindra Nath Tagore.

Two foreign business persons were having a good time near the kings palace after finishing trading for the trip. Bajrasen, one of the trader, didn't want to sell the most valuable piece of jewelry , "Ratnahar", which he wanted to present to his future lover.

There was a theft in the King's treasury in the mean time and soldiers were looking for any person to save the face of the judicial department and they arrested Bajrasen, a foreigner without guilt, as a scape goat. The court dancer, Shyama, found out about it and she fell in love with this foreigner from her first sight of him. She argued and convinced the chief of security, "Kotal", and got reprieve of the death sentence for two days.

Shyama had a teenage and much younger shy lover named Utyiya who used to love her from a distance. Being very angry over the death sentence judgment against Bajrasen, she appealed to the mass for help to fight against this injustice, since Bajrasen was totally innocent. Utyiya responded to her appeal and agreed to take the blame instead and was executed in place of Bajrasen.

Being free from so close to death, Bajrasen was in total love with Shyama and was eager to repay his debt to her, for helping toward the freedom, by all extent. But soon he found out the real news about Utyiya and started hating Shyama and his own life. Shyama begged to him for forgiveness, but Bajrasen couldn't extend it to her despite trying very hard to get back to his newly found passionate lover.

Overall Direction & Coordination: Deepak Sarkar and Keya Sarkar
Dance direction: Pragya Dasgupta
Participants: Dance & Choregraphy: Pragya Dasgupta (Shyama), Delya Ghosh (Bajrasen), Dalia Sen (Utyiya), Chumki Roy (Kotal), Rupa Rahaman (Friend), Minakshi Datta (Pradhan Sakhi) & Papiha Nandy, Runa Chatterjee, Jayita Ghosh as Sakhis
Vocal: Keya Sarkar (Shyama), Deepak Sarkar (Bajrasen), Prosenjit Biswas (Utyiya), Emdad Khan (Kotal), Aditya Das (Friend), Rita Chakraborty (Sakhi), Susmita Karmakar (Sakhi), Debjani Sircar (Sakhi)

Bauk-Bhodh Pala

A humorous children's drama written by famous writer Leela Majumdar. Although the story is taken from a segment of Mahabharat, the characters are down to earth and they speak lucid, down to earth language which is easily understood by children.

After Jatugreeha was set to fire, the Pandavas and mother Kunti were running from one village to the other in disguise of poor brahmins. Eventually they arrived in the village of Ekachkara and took refuge in the family of a Brahmin. Bauk, a demon whose only obsession is enormous amount of food, has terrorized the villagers by rampaging through the village daily, gobbling up everything that came his way, from food to human. To control his fury and outrage, the villagers agree to supply him with his daily requirements of food which includes one human being. Today is the turn of the brahmin, who has provided shelter to Pandavs. Scared for their lives, the Brahmin and his wife seek help form Mahavir Bhim. Bhim encounters Bauk with his food but as he was waiting for Bauk in the demon's cave, he eats all the food even before Bauk reaches it. Thus follows a thunderous fight
between the two, at the end of which Bhim destroys Bauk and brings peace and happiness to a terror-stricken village.

Ahin Das

Ahin Das is a popular singer from India currently touring the U.S. and residing in Olympia. Ahin specializes in Indian Classical Music and Indian popular songs; accompanies on the harmonium. Recently he gave a concert at the Evergreen State College, while also accompanied the Odissi dance troupe, "KALPATARU". Ahin visited the Bay Area last year and was a hit at Prabasi's Durga Puja 1997.


Bay-Bahurupi proudly presents its latest creation Kaleidoscope, an
hour-long ensemble of music, dance, drama and recitation. The term "Kaleidoscope" comes from the Greek words meaning "Beautiful
Form to See". Man, in his eternal thirst for beauty and quest for identity, is never satiated with a particular form. He always seeks variegated changing patterns. In the Kaleidoscope of our existence,
colors flourish, images emerge, thoughts evolve to blend into the next
tide of emotions, patterns change to become clearer and clearer only to fade away...

A modern day poet described life as a kaleidoscopic procession of
events. The program "Kaleidoscope" takes its cue from this line, and tries to mix all the different emotions of life within the constraints of the timeframe. The program starts with the timeless charm of a Bharatnatyam performance, then traverses from the romantic mellifluence of Rabindrasangeet and dance, to the invigorating recitations from the works of our eternal stormy petrels, Najrul and Sukanta, to the stinging satire of a dram written by the famous novelist Sanjeev Chattopadhyay, finally leading to a captivating climax set to the tune of some choir songs. As the presentation weaves its way through various showcases, a beautiful collage of cultural and aesthetic significance emerges.


Jhalapala is a drama about a teacher and his two students. The students (Ghati and Kesta) are not very keen in their learning from the teacher (the Pandit). They like more to play or to go concert. Three students of bengali school perform in this drama.
Pandit Mosai: Manishita Ray
Ghatiram: Anjuli Koner
Kesta: Amrita Ray
Drama: Sukumar Roy; Adaption: Manas Ray
Direction: Parents of Bengali School

All Indian music lovers must listen to her recordings and live concerts.