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We need volunteers to help us in
many areas. Please contact us if
you are willing.                            

Space is available for vendors. If
you would like to reserve a space
please contact Surajit Sengupta
at (408)973-1294

You are cordially invited to celebrate
Durga Puja on October 11th and 12th
with Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.

Essay Contest


essays from high school students (9th Grade to 12th Grade) for a contest.

ESSAY: "What can I do to promote healthier heart of someone close to me."
Essay shall present medical information regarding heart problems, their causes,
preventive measures, and your role to promote such preventive measures for
someone you love very much. Essay shall not be more than 5 pages and typed.

Write your name in a separate piece of paper, not on the essay papers.

1st Prize .. $250;
2nd Prize .. $150;
3rd Prize .. $100;
Special Prize .. $50.

POINTS Essays will be judged according to the following criteria:

Medical Information Content....35%;
Your Effort to Promote....35%;
Organization of Thoughts....20%;
Style of Writing....10%.

Top six contestant may be asked to speak to the judges for couple ofminutes on Puja day. We will announce when to come to the judges.Prizes will be distributed on the same day.

Special Prize will be awarded to the highest scorer of any criteria.

ADDRESS Essay must reach the following address by October 8, 1997

Sripati Bhattacharya
613 Manhasset Court
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

It will help if you call me at 510-933-7423 to let me know as soon as you decide to join the contest or any other question you may have.

Stay tuned for more info. Feel free to contact us for any specific information you need.