Come One and Come All!! Feast your senses with the eternal classic of Ramayana with a comic twist. The young and dynamic actors of Bay Area Prabasi bring back to life The Clash of the Titans. Ram, Lakkhan, Shugrib and Rabon come face to face to settle their scores. The battlefield is set ablaze by the powerful weapons of these warriors. Who wins the battle?? That is to be decided on Friday evening. Do not miss this grand opportunity to view the ancient Superman “Hanuman” lift a mountain with his fingertip. This theater based on the play written by Sukumar Ray, has always evoked laughter and joy and transcends all boundaries.


Koli grew up in a musical environment where both her parents’ families contributed to her keen interest in music and dance. Her father (a teacher of Hindustani Classical Music) ignited her passion for music, while her aunt ( an accomplished dancer) exposed her to the world of Kathak dance. She has Sangeet Prabhakar degrees in both Hindustani Vocal Classical Music and Kathak Dance from Prayag Sangeet Samity, Allahabad. She is a student of the maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. She has performed in various music and dance programs in India, USA and Canada. Last year she formed a company, Surangan, with some talented local artists. On October 13th, she will be presenting the show ‘Musical Heartbeat’ with her co-singers. It will be an entertaining musical program ( popular Bengali and Bollywood songs) with a little twist.


Bangla Band from Kolkata, Krosswindz with their team of 6 musicians will perform on Oct 14th. Krosswindz represents the current trend of modern music in Bengal. Krosswindz the world fusion progressive folk-fusion band from india.With twelve national album releases under the belt Krosswindz is one of the leading bands of india.Primarily a folk-fusion band,focusing on world music with soulful songs,lyric oriented.Professionally performing concerts all over india for the last 17 years. Krosswindz is the music of Bengal and India with a blend of folk music traditions from around the world.The result- a potpouri of sounds deeply rooted in the soil that touches the heart and speaks the common language of humankind. Music Style- World,folk,ambient environmental fusion Musical Influences Padmashree Protima Barua Pandey(Goalpariya-Assamese Folk Exponent and singer),Rabindranath Tagore,Kishori Amonkar,Bhupen Hazarika,Purno Das Baul,Shubha Mudgal,Abida Parveen,Runa Laila,SD Burman,Abbasuddin Ahmed,Lalon fokir,John Mc Laughlin, Santana,Eric Johnson(AUSTIN TEXAS),Jimi Hendrix,Pink Floyd,The Beatles.Miles Davis.


Kaya The accent of KAYA is on melody and rhythm. The lyrics go fondly with the tunes. They are several notches higher than any run-of-the-mill band and coming with more tunes, more songs and more fun to us. KAYA, infusing new life into folk, has been attracting young to old, since their first stage show in December 2002. They offer a variety of songs set to tunes of colorful melodies and music blended with the rhythmic liveliness of joy. All of their albums, “Kaya”, “Sha Na Na”, “Dhuk Puk” are already big hits with a fourth one coming up just before the Durga Puja. KAYA was bestowed the Best Band Award from Zee Alpha Bangla, in the year 2005. The band's versatility is amazing, superlative in some sense - from folk-rock numbers like Jigicha Gichang, Sujan Sujan to western-based numbers like Toke Chhute Chaai, Udashi Udashi to foot-tapping melodies like Sha Na Na, Faguner Din, Missed Call etc. - their repertoire is remarkably vast. Judge for yourself and you will definitely become an instant fan of KAYA.


Born in a musical family of rich heritage, Subhamita is probably the most popular name in the field of modern Bengali songs. Her father Sri Jasoda Dulal das was a big exponent of north Indian classical music from whom she took talim for eighteen years. Then she joined the prestigious sangeet research academy as an “a grade scholar under Pandit Ulhas Kasalkar. She is probably among the very few vocalist to perform both form of music simultaneously. Her first album in north Indian classical music was released from HMV after she stood first in the HMV golden talent search contest. Her mellifluous voice first caught the attention of nachiketa, the noted singer of Bengal, who composed for her in the first two albums “ abishkar” and “phire dekha”.and Subhamita never looked back. Within a short span of four years she has already worked with almost all the leading music directors for Bengali feature films, telefilms and tele-serials. In the year 2003 she had the opportunity to join sagarika music private limited. Her last three albums “icche pari, bisti paye paye and moner hodish” are among the best selling albums of the city. Apart from being a competent playback singer she has also established herself as a successful stage performer. Not only in Kolkata and other parts of Bengal, she has also performed in various parts of the country and abroad.


Amit KumarAmit Kumar's name needs no introduction. A child prodigy, he was singing and acting in his father's films while kids his age were still sucking thumbs! He cut his teeth watching the antics of his hugely successful comedian father, the one and only Kishore Kumar. Acting in his father's films and singing along with him on stage, has given Amit a confidence found in few of his peers. Amit has done concerts in every part of the world singing his own hits along with hits of his father. Not just in the Hindi film industry, but even in the Bengali film industry. Amit Kumar is a name to reckon with. He has gigantic hits to his credit. His non-filmi albums like 'Mad' have shown that he is an ace composer and an innovative singer just like his father. Truely, a chip of the old block!

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