CkokherBali - US Premier
Written Rabindranath Tagore
Directed by Rituparno Ghosh.
Starring: Aishwarya Rai, Prosenjit, Raima Sen & Tota Roychoudhury
This adaptation of the novel written by India’s Nobel prize winner Rabindranath Tagore in 1902 tries to expand the story of "four young people trapped in a tangle of sensuality" (in Tagore’s words) into a larger parable on the state of women in general and widows in particular, inside Indian society, as well as the political unrest and nationalist feelings generated by Britain’s division of Bengal into two. Beautifully shot in dark, reddish hues, mostly in interiors, lavishly designed and featuring stellar performances by Aishawarya Rai, star of festival favourite Devdas, and Raima Sen in the two title roles, it manages to overcome a muddled introduction that has trouble putting each of the characters in its right context and a strangely inconclusive ending which Tagore himself was unhappy with at the time.

BHOOMI the band
On 24th July 1999 Bhoomi came face to face with its audience for the first time at Gyan Manch Kolkata. The group brought in with them a fresh sound of music. The original simple lyrics, easy melodies and their use of a wide range of acoustic instruments gave them an identity which was entirely their own. With Bhoomi’s lyrics one can paint visions in their thoughts, their souls and imagination while the music touches various chords in the heart.People identified with this. Today the music of Bhoomi has managed to touch millions of hearts across generations and language. Their popularity has cut across all barriers and the sale of its debut album JATRA SHURU is saluted AS THE LARGEST SELLING ALBUM in the regional category by Times Music.

Lopamudra Mitra
Since 1988, Lopamudra is a regular Grade-A artist in All India radio and Doordarshan Kendra. She earned a scholarship from West Bengal State Music Academy in Rabindra Sangeet to train in the supervision of Sri Subinoy Roy and the late Aurobindo Biswas. The uniqueness of Lopamudra which identifies her from most other contemporary performers is her style of rendering the songs. Lopamudra sings with heart and tries to present the poems with its total aesthetic essence, dramatic grandeur, and visual effect before the audience. She believes that a performer becomes successful only when she and her music cannot be separated from each other.With this versatility, Lopumudra went for an experiment in Bengali modern songs with the music director Sri Samir Chatterjee and finally, she found her platform in the songs based on poems of renowned poets. And that was her way just to go for success. With this new approach she performed all over India and won the hearts of music-lovers.

Ami Krishnaa - Bangla Natak
Written and directed by Kishore Chatterjee

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep.
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep..."
In addition, to keeping promises we at times need to confront certain realities in life that are not easy to handle. This world is riddled with relationships that can be real complex. Who we are, where we come from or where are we headed are questions that are often unanswered for us. Our relationships are also not really black and white. A kid can grow up with the milieu we set for them. However, creating the right environs or a milieu for the kid to thrive in may not be only the biological parents' responsibility.
In "Ami Krishnaa" our attempt will be to portray these identity issues in life - Who we are? Where do we belong? and accept the fact that we have "miles to go before we sleep".

Performers: Sanchita Ghosh, Debabani Khatua, Pritha Chatterjee, Rakhi Chowdhury, Sonali Bhatacharya, Dalia Sen, Bonny Basu, Shubhda Shukla, Bibek Ghosh, Sandeepan Mukherjee and Jayanta Bhowmik.

Dance Director: Sima Chakraborty

Performers: Priya Bannerjee, Bidisha Bhaduri, Srija Bhaduri, Ashmi Chakraborty, Sushmi Chakraborty, Sophia Gill, Shreya Mali, Bidisha Roy, Prianka Mishra, Sushrita Neogi,Amala Shetty

The All India Radio version of the Mahishasur Mardini program is directed by Dr. Shmapa Banerjee and Chandipath is by Dr. Alok Chatterjee. The musical part features well known Indian artists & popular bay area musical talents:
Uttam Chakravorty(tabla), Rachael Untercher (violin), Brinda Govindan (flute), Sonali Bhattacharya, Prasenjit Biswas, Swati Bhattacharya, Indrani Bhattacharya, Sky Basu, Sudip Nag, Manidipa Bhattacharya, Shukla Dastidar, Alaknanda Mukherjee, Nilanjan Sirkar, Jaya Basu (Asst. director)

Patron appreciation night (Banquet dinner)
Diya Dance, Contemporary Dance by the Teenage Members,Presenting the conceptualization by PRABASI for a permanent facility and DURGA BARI to our Patrons, Fashion Show (Eminent Members), Dance Troupe from U C Davis