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Durga Puja
This year the cultural event will be as entertaining as last year. Many Bengali stars from India will participate in this festival.

Rates for non-members/guests are as below:

Kumar Sanu : $25.00
Tanushree Shankar: $15.00
Bappi Lahiri : $20.00
Bengali Natak : $10.00
Package for three days: $55.00
Package for two days: $50.00

(Children above 5 years occupying a seat will have to pay.) Guests are people who do not reside in the Bay Area and are visitors. To inquire about tickets, click on the link below and see bottom of poster.

See a color poster with program listings

Kumar Sanu with an eleven-member orchestra and a female singer will be performing on October 13. Kumar Sanu (or Kedarnath Bhattacharya) is in the Guinness World Record for recording 28 songs in a single day. He performs regularly to eager audiences around the world. He has lent his voice to more than 800 films so far, singing roughly around 9000 songs including many Bengali hits 
Awards : 5 consecutive Filmfare Awards; R. D. Burman Award; Uttam Kumar Award (twice); Priyadarshani Award; Shiv Kala Award; Ashirwaad Award; Kalashri Award; West Indian Grammy Award (International); Diva Award; Channel V Award; BFI Award; Screen Panasonic Award.

Children under five years are allowed inside the auditorium, but will not be allowed to occupy a seat. This rule will be relaxed only after we have determined that enough seats are available for all adult members and guests.

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Tanushree Shankar with her twelve-members dance troupe will be performing this year at our Durga Puja festival. Tanushree Shankar, Ananda Shankar's wife, is the Choreographer of the troupe. She was trained in the Shankar Gharana by Ananda's mother Smt. Amala Shankar, and has established herself as one of the leading choreographers in India.Her choreography is not a blend of classical or folk movements - but is outstanding and original as she creates movements in response to the music according to the theme. She has acted in several films and TV serials, including Satyajit Ray Presents - but her first love is dance and choreography. 

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Mahayala program directed by Dr. Shampa Bannerjee; Chandipath by Dr. Alok Chatterjee. Singers include Sonali Bhattacharya, Prasenjit Biswas, Jaya Basu and others. 

Cast: Prof Arun Bandyopadhyay, Sankar Ghosh,  Ms Sanghamitra Bhattacharya, Ms Rita Datta,  Mr Samares Mazumdar

Duration of play: One and half hours

Synopsis: The play 'KHELA JOKHON' centers around the character of one Madhu Sudan Dutta. No one knows about his occupation, or how rich is he? But apparently he seems to have quite a lot of money. Which he is ready to part with. He goes round the street in the afternoon and puts weird question to people around. And the person who comes out the correct answer is handsomely rewarded. He claims that he gets pleasure out of it. In this play he meets three characters who are from different culture of the society. The interaction prevail that socio-economic condition as well as their emotional and psychological back ground. Hilarious situations dipped in witty and humorous dialogue usher in the culmination when the audience is pleasantly make to realize is own frivolities. Entire play is designed in the pattern of the famous TV show K.B.C. (Kaun Bonega Krorepati)

Bappi Lahiri is the son of veteran classical singer Bansari and musician and singer Aparesh Lahiri. A child prodigy, he began to play the tabla from the age of 3 and developed his liking for rhythm. He learnt classical music from his parents and made his debut as a music director at the age of 14 with Daadu, a Bengali film released in 1972. His relatives from his mother's side include singer Kishore Kumar and the S. Mukerji clan. Shomu Mukherji, S. Mukherji' son, gave him his Hindi break in Naha Shikari (1973). In the same year, he composed the background score for the songless B. R. Ishara film Charitra. 

He is currently engaged in many Bengali movie songs. Bappi Lahiri latest "Ami Kolkatar Rassagolla" is a big hit in Kolkata.

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