Durga Puja 2002 Children's Activities

As Durgapuja approaches, for most of us Bengalis here in the Bay Area, memories start to form and linger fondly. Remember? Sharat's clear blue skies with their gentle white clouds, feverish preparations for the Pujas, gifts, good food, plans for long 'adda' sessions with friends - these are the very essence of the season. Such nostalgia is true for those who have enjoyed Durga Puja in India.

This year let us arouse that excitement in our next generation by creating an atmosphere of fun, frolic and camaraderie among them. With this in mind, Prabasi will host ‘Children’s hour’ on Saturday and Sunday, 10/12 and 10/13. We will have multiple talent centers for the children to perform and our efficient teenage group will manage each center


The following centers will be there:

1)      Fashion Show:  Each child will be given a very short briefing on how to walk on the Fashion Show ramp. Next the participant will be encouraged to take stage and walk down the ramp as our talented teenage photographer will attempt to capture the beauty of the moment. If the child is very young, we encourage the parents to walk with them. REMEMBER! This is not a contest. Participation is encouraged without any stress!!!

2)      Karaoke Music (‘A Japanese abbreviated word meaning: empty orchestra’.) center:  We will have Karaoke tapes of popular songs and kids will be encouraged to sing with the tapes. If you have any tapes you wish to bring, you may and each child will be allowed at least one song.  If the child is very young, we encourage the parents to sing with them. As they sing, once again, our talented teenage photographer will be handy. 

3)      Center for poetry recitation, oration and budding comedians: This center will encourage the participants to recite a poem, tell a joke, talk about their experience in India this summer, talk about what Durga Puja means to them. As mentioned before, our ever-active photographer will be clicking away. If your child is unprepared, we will have prepared jokes, poems, monologues that they can read aloud too. REMEMBER! This is not a contest. Participation is encouraged without any stress!!!

4)      Karate Demo Center: This center will only demo Karate and Tae Kwon Do skill. If your child learns Karate and would like to show off some talent, we encourage them to do so. Safety is our first concern and there will teenagers to make sure every demonstration is done safely and carefully.

5)      A Quiz and Puzzle Center: Age appropriate puzzles – logic, riddles or simple brain teasers, Quiz questions: on US and Indian geography, Durgapuja trivia, current events, Music, Sports and Entertainment will be displayed at a table. All kids are encouraged to pick one up and solve them. 3 or more correct will win a sweet prize. Those of you who get all correct will have their names announced and win a prize.


Here is a sample of Indian and US Geography quiz:  What is the large mountain range that extends across the northern border of India. Name two famous mountains in that range?  OR

What is the largest state in USA with the least population? Name its capital.


Here is a sample of DurgaPuja quiz:  Name Durga’s four children OR

Name the demon at Durga’s feet..


Here is a sample of the puzzles for ages 6 - 7 a) A little green frog is hopping towards a lily pad that is 10 hops away. He leaps forward 4 hops, slips and falls back 1 hop, takes a deep breath and jumps forward 6 hops. Did he reach the lily pad?


Here is a sample of the puzzles for ages 8 - 9: a) which will comes next in the following sequence and why: Dog, Bird, Tiger, Kitten…..  1) Lion 2) Elephant 3) Buffalo 4) Wolf.

Here’s another example for ages 13 – 20: Three wealthy men and three robbers are traveling together. They come to a river that they must cross. The only boat available carries two people at a time. The wealthy men must be careful that there are never more robbers than wealthy men on the same side of the river or they will be robbed. How many trips will it take for them all to cross safely


Along with the above centers, if a group of kids, decide to combine talents and perform for us, they may do so. To be allowed to do that, please inform Sushmita Datta by October 3rd. The performance must be only for 2-3 mins and will take place in the Fashion show area. We are trying to keep it short so that every one gets a chance. We are looking for impromptu talent, hidden, latent talent in our kids, talent that has not been tapped yet. Believe me, sudden impulsive performances usually bring out the best in them and parents, prepare to be surprised.


Please let me know if you have a teenager or young adult at home that would like to help and at which center.


Do reply via email(preferred) at datta99@yahoo.com Or leave a voice mail at (408)-268-7110


- Sushmita Datta

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