Durga Puja 2001
        Cultural Programs    

Among the artists visiting us this year during Durga Puja, we have the following names.

  • Amit Kumar and Full Orchestra
  • Arati Mukherjee and Orchestra
  • Usha Uthup and Orchestra

Cultural programs are FREE for Prabasi annual members and Patrons.

However, non-members can pay a flat fees of
$45.00 per person to attend all three cultural programs. Children not occupying a seat are free.

Amit Kumar

"Amit Kumar's name needs no introduction. A child prodigy, he was singing and acting in his father's films while kids his age were still sucking thumbs! He cut his teeth watching the antics of his hugely successful comedian father, the one and only Kishore Kumar. Acting in his father's films and singing along with him on stage, has given Amit a confidence found in few of his peers.

Amit has done concerts in every part of the world singing his own hits along with hits of his father. Not just in the Hindi film industry, but even in the Bengali film industry. Amit Kumar is a name to reckon with. He has gigantic hits to his credit. His non-filmi albums like 'Mad' have shown that he is an ace composer and an innovative singer just like his father. Truely, a chip of the old block! "

Ticket price for Amit Kumar concert: $25.00 per head for non-members.

Usha Uthup

Usha Uthup or Didi as she is fondly referred to, was born in independent
India of parents who came from the traditionally rich states of Madras
and Kerala and was raised in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai.
Although Usha had never learnt music formally, her passion for music
was present right from the moment she uttered her first words!

Persistence and conviction drove Usha to pursue a professional singing
career in 1969. This move later went on to prove vital in removing the
stigma attached to singing in night clubs in India.

With her gifted, velvet, smooth voice she was the only artist to have recorded six albums in English with HMV/EMI. Today she sings in more than thirteen Indian and eight foreign languages. This is an
achievement by itself.

If there is a legend bridging the East and the West, it is Usha. With her music and charm, she has transcended the barriers of caste, creed, language and nationality. Accolades have come from all over the world and she has sung for Prime Ministers and Presidents alike. Indira Gandhi, Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi and more recently Nelson Mandela have all been her ardent admirers. Her endearing charm and powerful vocal chords have given Usha fans of all ages, from all over the country.

With her trademark passion and a speed of delivery that would wear out wannabes a third her age, Usha has just completed a brand new studio album and is all set to release it during the course of the year. A gift her fans eagerly await. The original Diva of Indian pop music celebrates threedecades in the entertainment business, and while her contemporaries might be thinking of gentle retirement, Usha will be back in the thick of what she does best - singing.

Ticket price for Usha Uthup concert: $20.00 per head for non-members.

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