Bay Area Prabasi invites you to become a member for the financial year 2020-2021

Become a Member

New Members: Once you enter your membership information, you will be given a Membership Id and a password instantly. By using this information, you can update your personal records as and when needed. 

Existing Members: You may either use your password, or use the specially generated unique membership renewal code that was mailed to you. If you know your membership number but have forgotten your password, you may ask for the renewal code by Email.  

Key Benefits





Professional show - 1QFY2020-2021

Aug, 2020

Anindya-Upal of Chandrabindoo Live - Virtual Concert; Professional Platform

Included in the membership


$15/device for non-member

Durga Puja 2020

(Hybrid model -

Virtual + Physical). Physical in person event will be open for first 80 member families ONLY 1



Open-air Member ONLY Event; maintaining all necessary precautions. Puja Prasad+Bhog for members+family (pick up at the venue)

**Member ONLY


Once we cross 80 families, please note, we will be placing additional families on waitlist for onsite visit and slots will be only offered if one becomes available due to cancellation, following the waitlist order.


Puja ceremony- Puja conducted by Prabasi Priests broadcasted live on Prabasi FB page and Prabasi YouTube channel

Free for members


(Non-member viewership is TBD)

Professional show (virtual)  - Kolkata Artists:

 An exclusive Durga Puja production with eminent Kolkata artists in a “thakur bari” pujo setup resembles “Kolkata” heritage/ “bonedi” Durga Puja

Included in the membership



$20-25/device for non-member

Professional show (virtual) - Bollywood Musical Performance:

Bollywood virtual concert on professional platform with reputed Bollywood artist plus musicians

Included in the membership


$25/device for non-members



Kali Puja 2020

Virtual event

Nov, 2020

Virtual Puja

Included in the membership


$20/device for non-member

Saraswati Puja 2021

Virtual Event 

Feb, 2021

 BAP Kids Saraswati Puja production

Included in the membership


$20/device for non-member

1 - Durga Puja 2020 will be conducted in a hybrid model; keeping in mind all safety measures and adhering to precautions, county and state guidelines. A separate communication will be sent to the members

Additional Benefits

Local participation for Youth and Adults in cultural program series

Performing Arts Events  (Dance, Music, Theatre)

Members don’t pay any participation fee as in other years.

However, we request members to consider donating for covering organizational expenses/fixed costs for sustaining operations.

e-Magazine articles and submissions

ONLY members can submit articles for the e-Magazine.

Printed hard copies will be distributed during Spring Festival, 2021

e-Magazine is a new initiative.   Well known writers from Kolkata and Bengal will be publishing their literary work.

Only members will have the ability to submit articles for the e-Magazine.  

Special events and gathering

Any special events and gatherings will be member only event this year** (these events may have additional costs associated to cover food, beverages etc.)



Virtual Concerts Port Usage

Single ($125)


Child (+$45/child)


Single screen usage for ANY professional shows

2 screens can be used from 2 devices simultaneously during the show

NO additional screen

ONE additional screen/guest will be added and distributed



  1. The links will be unique per  event/device 
  2. Emails will be sent to the members with unique links depending on the membership type before the event. 

Please make sure that the BAP emails do not go to the “Promotion” or “Junk”  folder. 

  1. Please review and update records with the correct email addresses for your household.
  2. In case of any issues/concerns, please call 1-833-BENGALI toll free number. 


  1. Bay Area Prabasi will manage the connections and distribution of the professional concerts links
  2. Members pay a one-time annual  membership fee and BAP manages the series of events and shows on the members’ behalf. 

Non-members need to purchase event passes per show. They are also required  to provide details of the payment/information on each event separately.

Membership Rates for Bay Area Prabasi Members (2020-2021)

Membership taken during this financial year is valid till June 30, 2021. Rates for new membership are given below. 

Type of Membership

Regular rate 

(Effective from -Sep 23, 2020)
Single  $125
Couple  $250
Dependent (Parents only)  $45
Children (upto 21)  $45
Guest limited to one event (not a parent or child) $100


Become a Member

Dependent of Member is any person  residing in the same household who has no independent income. Our membership is for one year and starts on August 1st and ends on July 31st of the following year. Membership renewal usually begins before Durga Puja. 

Becoming a member at the beginning of our fiscal year is always good for the member and helps the Board to correctly prepare Prabasi's yearly budget. 

Guests of Members for major events (other than parents and children upto 21 years of age who are dependents) Event Guests of members can register for the Event with $100 per person. The Guest has to be referred by a current member. The registration fees of $100 includes show tickets and also includes food if applicable. This is limited to 4 guests per family. Other guests of members will have to pay for the show tickets and for food separately. 

Definition of Dependent - Parents and Children (under 21 years) of members are considered dependents. 

Definition of Guest - People who are living in the same house as the member. People residing in the Bay Area who wish tag along as guests of other members will not be allowed. 

If you do not feel comfortable with an online form, you can download the Prabasi Membership form, print it, fill it up and then send it to the address at the bottom of this page with your full payment check. You will receive an email when your check has been received.