Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Listed below are some questions we get frequently from our members. Please read these questions before you send us an email.

What is the annual membership fee for being a Prabasi member?

Membership for Prabasi is annual. Since Prabasi is a non-profit organization, we try to balance our costs with our expenditure. Thus, the membership fee is adjusted every year depending on our expenditure. Membership rates are different for individuals and families. The current rates may be obtained from our membership page.

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How do I become a Prabasi member?

If you are living in the body { Bay Area, you become a Prabasi member and enjoy the benefit of participating in annual events like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja and Baisakhi. To become a member, you have to decide what category fits your requirements best, and fill out our membership form. Please note that membership is offered only once every year between July 1 and Durga Puja. Please, make it a point to write your Email address correctly in the form for receiving regular updates of Prabasi news and events.

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Can I participate in Prabasi's annual events without being a member?

Yes. In order to participate in Prabasi's events you have to make a contribution to cover our costs. You may participate on a per-event basis by paying a fee for each event, or become a member to participate in all four events. It is much economical to become a member and get a ticket for free participation for all Prabasi events all year round. If you are new to the overflow:hidden; Bay Area and have a few months to go for the year end, you may participate on a per-event basis till the end of the year.

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During a Puja celebration, can I just attend the puja without paying for the entire event?

Prabasi normally would not charge you money for just pratima-darshan. But remember, Prabasi is a non-profit organization which thrives on the contribution of members like you. We would expect you to help us with the minimum financial support we need to bring you quality programs. If you do not want to become a yearly member, we urge you to attend on a per-event basis. To attend a particular activity in an event, you will have to pay for the entire event to keep our accounting simple. The Durga puja event normally runs for three days and