Swagatalakshmi DasguptaSwagatalakshmi Dasgupta is an inevitable name in the divine world of Rabindra Sangeet since the 90's. She is an M.A. (Music) from, Rabindra Bharati University took her lesson in classical music from her father Shri Pabitra Dasgupta and Rabindra Sangeet from Smt. Maya Sen. She is an 'A' grade artist of AIR and TV. She stood first in All India Singing Talent Contest in 1985, Rabindra Sangeet and Bhajan in All India Radio Music Competition (Akashbani) in 1986 Rabindra Sangeet and Atul Prasadee both in West Bengal Rajya Music Competition in 1986. She was invited by the Tagoreans, London to perform in London and Belgium in 1989-90.

Besides Rabindra Sangeets, she has shown her excellence in different fields of music, like, Sanskrit hymn (musicised by herself), south Indian and English, Scottish & Irish original songs of the transcreated songs of Tagore. How accurate and overwhelming those representations are, may be well known to one, who has listened both of her albums named, "Sagarparer Haoyay(1996)" and "Dakhin Haoya(1999)".

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She has presently 17 solo albums as Cassettes. Fourteen other cassettes and four CDs released by HMV. Amongst them, 23 single albums are of Rabindra Sangeets. She is also an eminent music-composer. There are 10 albums of her self-composed Modern songs. She is now a permanent artist for HMV. She has a number of awards to her credit, Promothesh barua Award for best female performance in 1995, Anandolok Award as best Female Playback Singer in 1998, 2002, 2003, Dishari (Film Journalist Award) for best female playback in 1998-99, Uttam Kumar Award for best Rabindra Sangeet Cassette ("Esechho Prem") in 1997, Sailajaranjan Award in 1998 and Cha-Cha-Cha Award for outstanding achievement in music for the decade 1990-99. She is the Music Director, Lyricist and singer in the Film Ding-Dong, directed by Shri Chinmoy Roy. She is being honoured with the Millennium Kalakar Award for her outstanding contribution in Indian Music. In 2004, her album of Rabindra Sangeets, "CHENA FAGUN", was awarded as the "Best album of Rabindra Sangeets"(among female artists).

She attended Banga Sanskriti Sammelan in America (USA) in the year 2003 and was again invited by the Tagoreans in the year 2003 in UK, by Canadian Bango Sammelan in the year April 2004 in Canada organised by Bengali Association of Canada. She has also performed Bhajans and Devotional Songs in Different Temples of Gujrati & South Indian Temples in Abroad. She is now one of the most glittering stars in the limitless sky of Rabindrasangeets. She is able to snatch away the heart of audience from the petty worldly matters through her completely devoted rendering (playing herself only a keyboard as the instrument )in the pin-drop silence & tranquility of the hall and it goes on ringing in the mind even after a long time, while in leisure. Here is the mystery behind her fame. Without her, the sphere is incomplete.

Besides, she is also renowned for enchanting recitation. She also writes nice poetries during leisure. Four books of her poetries namely, "Akasher Gaan", "Duyoranir Chithi" etc. have been already published. Her story "Kakhon Basanto..." was published in Rabibashariyo of Anandabazar Patrika.

Her devotion, sincerity and perseverance to maintain the accuracy of Rabindra Sangeet, Her versatility and fluency in all spheres of art has awarded her with enormous fame.

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