Saayantanee Majumdar

sayantaneeSaayantanee was literally born in music.

For music was the

great Vocalist Manna De for the film “Suryasakkhi” at the age of

That was followed by a soiree with Manna De at Kalamandir that left renowned critic Debashis Dasgupta so impressed that he referred to


her as “Bhorer Kokil” which means “Nightingale of
the Morning” in a review published in “Desh”.

That was the phase, when Saayantanee was a playback singer in many Bengali films like Batasi, Sudhu Tomary, Ek PoshIa Brishti, Baba Taraknath and Karoti to mention only a few. She also lent her voice in many films from Bangladesh, notable among them being those composed by renowned composers Allauddin Ali and Pranab Ghosh. Apart from singing in other regional languages like Assamese, Oriya, Nepalese, she also performed in more than 3,000 advertisement jingles. She also played a major part in Salil Chowdhury’s Choral group of

Another notable work of
this period was a poignant rendering of a title song for the telefilm, “Vijaya” composed by the music maestro, Salil Chowdhury.
Saayantanee has also sung for numerous television series which include Shimana Chhariye, Khelaghar, Ebong Computer and so on. She has also rendered her voice in a number of Telefilms. Some of them include Akashchhoan, Asamapto, Aloy Phera, Ankush and Mishraraag.

Thereafter, Saayantanee left Calcutta for America and Europe where she became a household name synonymous with hundreds of

her roots, that is, Bengali music. A gifted voice coupled with spontaneous and matured singing talent that can render to
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perfection any musical expression. And that has earned Saayantanee a pride of place among the