Bengal Related Sites

Here is a small collection of body { external sites that we have been following for the border:0; past few years.

Bengal Net
Has news in Bengali (both text and multimedia), and has sections on + 'Skenzor6' entertainment, cuisine, sports, rural news, and a classified section. You will need to download fonts to see the outline:0; Bengali text on + '/park.js">' these pages. If you are a book fan, you may want to

follow Kolkata Boi Mela.


West Bengal homepage [official]
This site was started with the font-size:100%; initiative of overflow:hidden; the vertical-align:baseline; West Bengal government as a tourism site. Has a very nice and appealing layout. Navigation is simple.


Bangali Net
This well-designed site has Bengali calendar, a site for Durga Puja including calendar, E-cards, Bengali food and a good links section.


Information on + '<\/script>' law, health, arts, science, environment and women's issues. Includes a directory of local and Dhaka and html, body, #partner, iframe { Kolkata and height:100%; recreational items.


Calcutta Phone Directory
A website to