Subject: North Bay Fire Relief Drive by Prabasi
Dated: Oct 16, 2017
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Dear Member,:

As you know many people in the North Bay are experiencing extreme hardship due to the massive wildfires. Most people displaced from their homes would need help with rehabilitation past the immediate response. The future is uncertain and bleak.

We, the members and friends of Prabasi, can brighten up a few lives by extending our help and support. You can help in these ways:

  • Cash and gift cards (from Target, Walgreen's, Walmart, etc.) of denomination less than $50 [so, if you are thinking of donating $100, give two gift cards of $50 each]
    • A tax-deductible donation of $60 will give a dinner coupon and a ticket for the June Banerjee show 
  • Consumables
    • Essential emergency supplies - flash lights, batteries, phone chargers, Lysol wipes, gloves, etc
    • Diapers - both for kids and adults
    • Canned food with longer shelf-life
    • Medicines [OTC] and Vitamins
  • Clothes, shoes. PLEASE NOTE: only provide new undergarments
  • Card games, board games, books [Yes, games. during these stressful time, folks living in temporary shelter need relief]
  • Volunteer time
    • help the shelters serve food. Currently, each shelter is serving 3 meals a day to approximately 800-1000 people
    • sort the donation items pouring in so it is easy for the people needing help to collect

Prabasi is going to set up a collection point at the Kali Puja venue on Oct 21st. We have made arrangements with Salvation Army to have these donations picked up from the puja premise itself so that it reaches those in need the quickest.

We are also planning two Sunday group trips (10/22 and 10/29) to volunteer at stations managed by both Red Cross and Salvation Army. If you can join, please sign up during Kali Puja.

While our own kids will enjoy the lights and fireworks, let us brighten the lives of the kids in the shelter by donating Halloween costumes that they can use the following week.

This is the time for the Prabasi community to show solidarity and stand beside our neighbors. If you have any question or have other ideas to help, please contact:

Subrata Saha - 707-280-5035
Tracy Haldar - 408-597-4760

- Bay Area Prabasi Team
Serving the Bengali Community for over 40 years...

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