Subject: Seeking articles for Paanch-Phoron - an online NABC magazine
Dated: Apr 23, 2017
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Dear Member,,

While NABC preparations are widely thought of as a pure marketing effort to pull in more registrations, there is also a literary side to NABC. For the first time in NABC's history, we are trying to collect some articles and publish it online on a month-to-month basis. We have now been publishing it for three months in a row, and perhaps we have another three months to go.

We are talking about an online magazine called Paanch-Phoron that is available on the NABC website.

Paanch Phoron

You can find the last three issues here:

  1. Paanch-Phoron February 2017 Issue
  2. Paanch-Phoron March 2017 Issue
  3. Paanch-Phoron April 2017 Issue

Seeking articles for Paanch-Phoron 
We are seeking good creative articles for Paanch-Phoron for the final three issues. The first three issues had been a concerted effort by a small group of people, but we are expecting the final issues to be bigger and better. Articles from the online version of Paanch-Phoron will be selected for final publication in the NABC print magazine as well.

So artists and writers, pull out your pen and submit your article to The articles should be submitted in text form (Word Document or OpenOffice documents). Please avoid sending PDF files as it is very difficult to pull out articles from PDF files retaining clarity. Articles should be fully typeset in Bengali or English (no hand-written scanned sheets please). If you need to type in Bengali, please go to the Google Input Tools page and typeset your article there after changing your language to Bengali.

Please spread the message among your literary friends here in US and abroad. There is no restriction on nationality or membership. Articles need to be above average in quality. It will be chosen for publication by the editor of Paanch-Phoron after review.

- Bay Area Prabasi Team
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