Subject: Solicitation for Prabasi Board of Directors
Dated: Jan 22, 2017
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Dear Member,,

Prabasi would like to solicit applications for inclusion into the Prabasi Board of Directors. In order to apply, the candidate must satisfy the following requirements:


  1. Must be a Voting member of Bay Area Prabasi (Voting members are members who have been enrolled in the Current year of 2016~2017 and has been Prabasi member for the last three years )
  2. Should not be associated with any competitive organization in a leadership role.
  3. Should attend all the Meetings of the Executive Board and any emergency Meetings.
  4. Proposed and Seconded by two Voting members of Prabasi
  5. No record with Federal and State justice department


  1. Experience in community work.
  2. Dedicated & hard working.
  3. Able to raise fund for Prabasi. Commitments:

Attending the meetings are absolutely important to meet quorum requirement. Missing meetings can lead to termination of Trustee Board Position. If elected the candidate would have to serve the Trustee Board for a period of 5 years.

The persons proposing and seconding the candidate must all be yearly members of Bay Area Prabasi Inc.

Responsibilities as per the Constitution, would include:

  1. Execute all the four events of the Organization Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, Kali Puja and GBM
  2. Prepare Budget for the Event year at least 120 days prior to the beginning of the Event year for a joint approval of the Executive Board and the Trustee Board
  3. Responsible for annual membership drive
  4. Raise money for the 4 annual programs
  5. Manage Event Fund

People interested may download the application from:


Please fill up the form, sign it, get it signed by the people seconding you, and send a scanned copy via email to:

- Bay Area Prabasi Team
Serving the Bengali Community for over 40 years...

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