Subject: Kali Puja on Oct 29, Chairman's message about Board of Trustees
Dated: Oct 14, 2016
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Dear Member,,


Kali Puja is coming up later this month. We are going to celebrate Kali Puja on October 29 at Dougherty Valley High School,
10550 Albion Rd, San Ramon, CA 94582.

ChattopadhyayKinjal Chattopadhyay - a budding artist from Kolkata will be performing on that day. Please visit our Kali Puja page to get more details. In case you wish to order food coupons for Kali Puja (general members or non-members only), please go to the following page.

For more details about our cultural shows, please visit our Kali Puja page.

 Message from Chairman about formation of Trustee Board 
In our GBM on 6/11/16 and in  several Prabasi events  we talked about the formation of Trustee Board  along with the Executive Board. This is in line with other similar organizations.  Trustee Board will be responsible and liable for all the Prabasi assets and the governance of the organization.  We are announcing the election of eleven Trustee Board for the beginning of 2017.  Election form  including qualification with deadlines is posted now.Please download the form and then either fax it or send it by mail in the following address :

Fax # 510-656-5935

Mailing Address :
Bay Area Prabasi Inc.
P.O. Box 3613
Fremont, CA 94539

Looking forward to receiving your application.
- Subrata Dey

We hope to see you at Kali Puja on Oct 29.

- Bay Area Prabasi Team
Serving the Bengali Community for over 40 years...

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