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Dated: Jul 31, 2016
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NABC 2016 held in New York is now over. That means the very next NABC 2017 is in Santa Clara. And it is completely up to us to make this a roaring success.

Organinsing the North American Bengali Conference is a huge affair, and several volunteers are needed to coordinate everything. Prabasi has had a good reputation of hosting a well organized NABC and the past successes of 1999 and 2009 are good proof of that. This year's NABC is going to be even bigger, thus we need more involvment from the community to make it run smoothly as it has in the past.

Since we sent the last mail about joining the key committees, we have received many applications and have initiated work on all fronts. We still need volunteers to add to our group.

Please send your names with your desire to join any of these committees by sending an email to the appropriate email address:


The registration committee is responsible for ensuring that all attendees are able to register for the conference - either from the website or manually, receive timely information about attending the conference, and receive their badges and welcome packets as soon as they arrive. It involves a lot of technology knowledge as well - probably the most among all areas. People who want to exercise their skills in web-service development, web-site integration (for hotels), web-site development, databases, Paypal eCommerce integration, back-end processing, analytics, scheduling of programs, badge printing, besides some manual backend work towards the end like packing envelopes are requested to send their interest to


The NABC 2017 website is the face of NABC to the world, thus it needs to be really savvy and represent everything that Silicon Valley is famous for. The current web-site needs to be revamped to bring it up to that level. We are looking for people who are both artistically and technologically inclined. The work involves knowledge about using a Content Management System (CMS), Photo editing, CSS3 stylesheets, some PHP programming, web-service integration, HTML5 programming, eCommerce enablement using Paypal, script writing using web-services for mass-mail and reporting. People who have this knowledge, or are willing to learn it are requested to send their request to

Fund Raising

A conference like NABC has a budget of a couple of million dollars. Thus fund-raising is one of the key committees whose sole purpose is to ensure that we have enough funds to pay for the facilities and services for the entire conference. People who have a knack for sales, have a good network of friends in business, are good event organizers may be good candidates for this job. Please send your request to:


We all know that NABC is really a cultural conference, so a good choice of artists is really the key factor in attracting a good audience. The cultural commitee is responsible for choosing the artists, scheduling their programs and communicating with the artists or their representatives, arrange for their travel and ensure that they are well-informed about the program schedule during their arrival. If you are interested in participating in the cultural committee please send your request to


The marketing committee's job is to establish the NABC 2017 brand among its attendees, donors, sponsors and artists. They create the complete brand image that is meant to attract people to attend the conference or pay money as a donor or sponsor. The marketing group may send mass emails to potential attendees or registered users notifying them of key attractions. Creating, printing and distributing brochures to artists, sponsors and donors are key parts of the job. If you are interested in joining, then please send your request to

Business Forum

Even though NABC is mainly a cultural conference, we have found that the business forum is an added attraction for people who come to the Silicon Valley and have an interest in growing their technology-related business here or just want to know what is the latest and greatest happening here. Thus the business forum is a conference within a conference. It brings in additional revenue for NABC this way. This committee is responsible for deciding the content for the business forum, approaching the speakers of various companies, reqesting sponsorships, scheduling the conference and informing the attendees who may participate in the conference. To join this committee please send your request to


When artists or general attendees come in, they need guidance to navigate through the system. Dignitaries need to be put up on hotels, attendees need help and directions, and they also need transportation to and fro from the airport or hotel. The hospitality committee is also responsible for arranging travel packages for attendees who want to visit nearby areas as part of their visit to Northern California. Of late, this job has become very popular as it allows the chance to mingle with top artists and dignitaries! If you are interested in participating, please send an email to

Food Committee

Feeding 6000 people in a large conference of this nature is a real challenge. In the past conference, we were able to do this very efficiently and got rave reviews from all attendees. We intend to keep the same tradition this year too, but we face too many challenges because of our location. This committee is responsible for deciding the menu, arranging the vendors who will supply food for three days of the conference, arrange a spot where food will be served, ensure that people are organized during the conference when receiving food and also manage food coupons and payments before and during the conference. If you are interested in participating please send an email to


Arranging hotels, setting up the conference center for artists (including stage), working with vendors for all rental equipment (lights, sound), setting up the registration area before the conference are all examples of tasks that the facility committee needs to do. The facility committee needs to work in conjunction with all other committees to ensure that their needs are met. It may also include working with the artitsts themselves to understand their special requirements, make judgement calls whether this can be satisfied or not and make decisions. If you are interested to participate, please send you request to:

Youth Program

The youth program was started in NABC to encourage the second generation to mingle with each other on their own plane. This is yet another example of a conference within a conference. They need to set up their own section of the web-site, communicate directly with attendees who are participating, arrange for local tours, set up their own meet-and-greet sessions, print and distribute T-shirts or any other activity that is of interest to young adults. If you are interested in participating, please send your request to You need to be under 25 years of age to join this committee.

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