Subject: Requesting your help for baby Tai Ghosh - an accident victim in Arizona
Dated: Apr 23, 2016
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Dear Member,,

Please help support the Ghosh family from Bardhaman, India - victims of a violent head on collision, while starting their dream vacation driving from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon on 2/26/16. The other driver is suspected to have been under the influence of drugs when he hit them head on at approximately 75-85 miles per hour.

The head on crash left all 3 of them hospitalized with significant injuries. Worst affected is their 13-month-old daughter who has suffered a fractured vertebrae in her spinal cord and has not moved her left upper extremity since the incident. The baby sadly also suffered a broken arm, collar bone and fractured her leg in two places. She is literally fighting for her life at Phoenix Children's Hospital after being air lifted from Flagstaff. Mou, her mother is still in a hospital in Flagstaff with devastating injuries and has not seen her baby since the horrific crash. Her father who discharged himself from the hospital in Flagstaff to come to Phoenix to be by his daughter has a broken arm and hip injuries. His surgery is scheduled for next week. By making a donation to the family you will help alleviate some of the financial strains they have started feeling as a result of this tragic crash, where sadly, the other driver is suspected of not having any insurance.

For the family, there is no end in sight, in a place they do not live, or have any family and the road to recovery is uncertain, long, painful and comes at an incredibly high cost. Anything will help and is greatly appreciated.

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- Bay Area Prabasi Team
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