Subject: NABC 2017 preparation has started. Your involvement is needed.
Dated: Mar 15, 2016
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Dear Member,,

We hope you are all doing great.  You may have heard that CAB (Cultural Association of Bengal, New York) has entrusted upon Prabasi the honor of  hosting the 37th Banga Sammelan in Santa Clara in 2017. This requires a lot of commitment and responsibility from the members. I am hoping we will be able to make the Fourth Banga Sammelan, hosted by Bay Area Prabasi as successful as the previous ones.

In order to identify “Theme for NABC 2017“, Prabasi is organizing a competition where any member (present/past) can submit their proposal. The winners will be awarded prizes.

We will be forming various committees very soon to address the numerous activities. Prabasi members are encouraged to join these various committees according to their spheres of interest and acumen. The committee structure will be conveyed very soon.

We are currently focusing on forming Registration, Marketing and Fund raising committees. Please send your names with your desire to join any of these committees to the following:

Mr. Ashis Sengupta

Mr. Arunava Banerjee

But first, let’s address some basic queries:

What is the purpose of hosting an NABC Banga Sammelan?

Two main reasons.  Firstly, it bolsters Prabasi revenue so that we can maintain our fiscal growth.  As you know most of our events are sustained with break –even revenue. With the current inflation and high artist performance fees, we require some additional revenue every 3-4 years. This major event provides our organization with that supplementary revenue. The second reason is to promote our cultural heritage in all form factors – Drama, Literature, Film, Music etc. under a common platform.

On another subject, in the last three years, during our General Body meeting, we announced several changes in the Prabasi Constitution to meet our vision and goals. This Prabasi constitution formed 40 years ago, needs periodic amendments to meet the needs of the modern times and ever changing demography.   In the past couple of years we have announced that we will be introducing a Trustee Committee as part of the governance process along with the current Executive Committee. Trustee committee will be responsible for maintaining the continuity of the organizational goals and be responsible for the reserved funds and any long term contracts or investment on future projects including a permanent place. Trustee Committee will be elected on the basis of their years of acquaintances with Prabasi and their monetary contribution. Trustee committee will be working closely with the elected executive committee,  responsible for the Prabasi annual events. The qualification for each of these committees will be announced soon.

In lieu of the new constitution, we will be delaying election of the Executive committee till the Trustee committee is formed.  Also CAB (Cultural Association of Bengal) from New York which franchises North American Bengali Conference or Banga Sammelan would like to work with the current Board Office Bearers till the end of Banga Sammelan for the execution of the contractual agreement.

- Bay Area Prabasi Team
Serving the Bengali Community for 40 years...

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