Subject: Shubho Bijoya to all our members and well-wishers
Dated: Oct 22, 2015
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Dear Member,,

Here is a message from the Chairman:

We wish to thank all of you from the bottom our hearts for making Durga Puja 2015 a grand success. We had an unprecedented turnout of visitors this year making 2015 the most popular year ever in our 41 years of history. And going by the feedback received from our members, almost all activities went flawlessly. We are greatly endebted to our volunteers, donors and well-wishers who have helped us along the way to ensure that all activities go smoothly. Right from puja arrangements, hospitality of visiting guest artists, arranging the backstage, maintaining impeccable timing of schedules, registration help-desk, seating to food arrangements, all board members and volunteers provided their best attention making our puja this successful.

We welcome your feedback on any improvements to our process. Please reply to this email to send your thoughts.

Finally, to wind up this puja, we wish you Shubho Bijoya. May blessings of Ma Durga always be with you.

- Subrata Dey

Shubho Bijoya

Kali Puja on November 7 

While we are still bidding good-bye to Durga Puja, Kali Puja is not far away. We have Kali Puja in another two weeks - Nov 7th. Kali Puja will be held in Logan High School in Union City.

Our visiting artists on Kali Puja are members of a band called Bhoomi-O-Baul. You may be well familiar with this band since they have performed in Prabasi before. You can visit the Bhoomi-O-Baul Facebook page to know more about them.

Bhoomi-O-Baul Poster

To know more about our Kali Puja activities please visit:

Lost and found at Durga Puja 
A golden (colored) choor was found and deposited at the registration desk during Durga Puja. If you have lost it, please reply to this email to get details.

- Bay Area Prabasi Team
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