Subject: Preparing for Durga Puja this weekend
Dated: Oct 13, 2015
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Dear Member,,

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While we are busy finalizing our preparation for Durga Puja this weekend, we wanted to remind you that parking on Saturday is not free at Chabot College. Please ensure that you pay for parking for that day and keep the receipt on your dashboard. For new-comers, the venue is Chabot College, Hayward and our events are Saturday, Oct 17 and Sunday, Oct 18.

Prominent artists include Bollywood singer Papon on Saturday. On Sunday we will have two Bengali plays by Goutam Halder and team, and another musical program by Sampa Kundu.

All details are available at On Saturday we also have two local programs during the day - Bandish and Chirosakha - details about which you'll also find on our web-page.

Donations for Durga Puja 

We are running low on funds this year, and would greatly appreciate donations for Puja. Donations may be made for Durga Puja Khichuri Bhog Prasad, Durga Puja flowers, Durga Puja Misthi Bhog, Samptami Puja and Sandhi Puja. Our donation page is at You will get a tax deduction receipt for any contributions made.

Chabot College policies and decorum 
We have been renting the Chabot College facility for Durga Puja for over a decade now. They have been very generous to allow us to do our puja on their campus, use their auditorium and have their staff help us with the stage setup over these years.

This year they have asked us to observe the following two disciplines.
  1. Please keep the bathroom clean by ensuring that you do not throw paper towels and water on the ground. Keep an eye on your children when they are using the bathroom. Violation of this rule may force them to deny us use of their bathrooms in future - and we may have to rent portable toilets for our festivals from next year.
  2. Please do not bring, keep, consume any alcoholic drink in the Chabot College campus. This would be a serious offense in the eyes of Chabot College. You could be cited for that.
Other than that, we are all set to enjoy this entire weekend with lots of adda, food and good cultural programs - both from local artists as well as Mumbai and Kolkata.

- Bay Area Prabasi Team
Serving the Bengali Community for over 40 years...

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