Subject: A must-see: Goutam Halder at Prabasi Durga Puja. PLEASE FORWARD THIS MAIL.
Dated: Oct 09, 2015
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Dear Member,,

Many of us have not realized that we have an excellent artist coming on Sunday at Prabasi's Durga Puja. He is Goutam Halder - a pillar of contemporary Bengali theater. Goutam Halder will be accompanied by his troupe of musicians who also participate in his plays.

Goutam Halder was a member of the theatre group Nandikar and performed in plays like 'Sesh Sakkhatkar', 'Football', 'Pheriwalar Mrityu', 'Meghnadbadh Kabyo' and 'Borda'. He is a remarkable director as well. Among many of his successful direction, 'Sojon Badyiar Ghaat' must be named. 'Meghnad Bodh Kabya' is a completely different genre of theater where Goutam Halder's solo performance is based on music, poetry, movements and dance. Then he started another group named 'Naye Natua' and staged 'Meghnadbadh Kabyo', 'Borda' and 'Jaal'(written by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay) for it. He also directed the movie BHHALO THEKO which was the debut film of famous film actress Vidya Balan. The movie is a master piece of Indian Bangla cinema.

Goutam Halder

To convince yourself that he is indeed the stalwart that we claim, you can see a few clips of his acting and theatrical skills on YouTube. Here are a few links to get started:

Goutam Halder Picture

You can also check out Goutam Halder's Facebook profile.

This is the first time Goutam is visiting the Bay Area in a performance. We are very fortunate to host him as one of our performing artists this year. Please make it a point to see his performance. He will be performing two plays:

  1. Borda
  2. Kabye Gaane

Please forward this mail to all your friends in the Bay Area and give it wide publicity. You can find more information at our Durga Puja page

Membership discount deadline extended till Oct 10 

This is the last and final call for all those who have not renewed their membership this year. The deadline has been extended till Oct 10, which means you must renew your membership by Saturday to avail the discounted rate. Members can see all cultural programs (including Goutam Halder's theater) for free.


- Bay Area Prabasi Team
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