Subject: Membership renewal starts from Saturday, Aug 22 at 9:00 am
Dated: Aug 14, 2015
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Dear Member,,

Durga Puja is approaching fast and we are preparing to put together the best package possible for two days of the festival. While all that is happening, this is also the time to renew your membership. This year we have improved our seating assignment system to provide you a seamless experience. You will be able to select your seats as soon as your payment confirmation is received. Please note that you have more choice available the earlier you renew your membership.

Our membership system will open on Saturday, August 22 at 9:00am PDT.

Here are the instructions for renewing and selecting your seats.

(1) Watch out for an email from Prabasi containing the link to renew. This email will come separately.
(2) Click on the link and proceed to payment page.
(3) After you have made your payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Prabasi. This email is triggered by Paypal.
(4) In that email, you'll find another link to select your seats through Purplepass.
(5) Click the link and select your seats from the map of Chabot College that shows up.
(6) Click on link "Finish Selecting"
(7) Scroll down and click on the button "Proceed". (Note: Please do not click "Buy Tickets" on this page. You need to scroll down to find the "Proceed" button)
(8) Provide your email address in the form. Also turn OFF the check-box that asks if you want to become a Purplepass member.
(9) Then you need to press the button "Buy Tickets" in the dialog box that opens up. Your prices will be stated as $0.00. Go ahead and "buy" the tickets. You will receive a confirmation number on the final page.

Durga Puja Banner

Our Durga Puja page is ready with all details already. Please head over to to see which invited artists will be performing during puja.

Prominent artists include Bollywood singer Papon on Saturday. On Sunday we will have two Bengali plays by Gautam Halder and team, and another musical program by Sampa Kundu.

Invitation for Shankha articles 

We invite all of you to submit articles for our upcoming issue of Shankha. Earlier, Shankha articles were limited to only Prabasi members. This year we are opening up our invitation to the whole world - anyone can submit articles in Bengali for Shankha.

In order to reduce our typesetting effort, you should submit your articles already typeset in Bengali using a Bengali font. For typing in Bengali, please compose your articles on the web directly by using Google Input Tools. Go to and set your language to Bengali. Then compose your article paragraph-by-paragraph. As you have finished typing the paragraph, copy that portion to a Word document. After completing it, send the document as an attachment to

Master/Mistress of Ceremonies 
For Durga Puja, we need MCs, and here is your chance to shine on stage. Anyone who is interested in playing the role of an MC during Durga Puja, can send an email to with their background explaining how they can contribute.

Also we need volunteers for Sound and Lights as well. Please send email to with your name and contact information.


- Bay Area Prabasi Team
Serving the Bengali Community for 40 years...

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