Subject: Volunteers needed for Prabasi
Dated: Mar 06, 2010

Dear Member,

Volunteers are the heart of an organization like Bay Area Prabasi. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out in different activities this year.

Our success depends on your generous donation of time and effort. Prabasi is the largest and oldest organization of Bengalis and Bengali-loving people in Northern California. To our knowledge, it is the largest non-profit Bengali organization in US.

As a non-profit organization, Bay Area Prabasi relies heavily on the hard work and energy of volunteers. Our volunteers are a necessary and much appreciated part of Bay Area Prabasi's family. Join us and meet new people, learn new skills, share your experience and above all, have FUN!  Here are some of the exciting things you could help us  with.
  1. IT: Website Design/Creative Arts/Flyer Design
  2. Communications and Creative Writing
  3. Cultural and Event Management
  4. Registration & Fund-Raising
  5. Facility/Decorations/Booth
  6. Puja Activities
Please send your response to if you wish to volunteer your time for Prabasi. Please mention your area of interest and if anyone else from your family can spend time during the festival days like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja or Boishakhi.

Prabasi is on the Facebook and Twitter too

You may not have noticed it but, Prabasi is on Facebook and Twitter too. Most of our communication has been through email, in the past, but more and more members are linking up on social networking sites. You may join us on Facebook by clicking on the following link:

Join Prabasi on Facebook

Also, Prabasi's Twitter page is
Follow us on Twitter to keep yourself updated on the latest news about Prabasi activities.


- Bay Area Prabasi Team
Serving the Bengali Community for over 35 years...

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