Subject: Announcement of new Prabasi officers
Dated: Feb 04, 2010
Dear Member,

I am glad to announce that Prabasi Board of Directors have elected the
following new Prabasi Officers:

Chairman:  Ashis Sengupta
Treasurer:  Nilanjana Roy
Secretary:  Prasenjit Sengupta

These officers start their term immediately.

Ashis Sengupta (our Ashisda) needs no introduction to you all. Ashisda
has been with Prabasi almost from its inception. He has been an ardent
supporter of Prabasi for more than 28 years. In the past, he has also
been a member of the team who drafted Prabasi's original constitution.
His active participation and leadership in all the three NABCs that
Prabasi has successfully launched so far, is something to be appreciated.
With his long standing experience and association with
our community, I am very confident that he will provide right leadership
to the newly formed Board to take Prabasi to the next

Nilanjana Roy and Prasenjit Sengupta are two of our new Board members.
I am sure many of you know them. They have been very involved in our
2009 NABC. With their involvement and enthusiasm, I am sure they will
perform their roles in Prabasi demonstrating strong responsibility,
accountability, and professionalism.

Please provide all your support to the Board and the newly appointed

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that
effective immediately my role as Prabasi's Chairman comes to an end.
For the last 3 years I have served you as the Chairman and would like
to thank you and the Board for all your support and cooperation.
These three years have been quite a learning experience for me.
I have learned many aspects of running a non-profit organization,
its limitations, and other subtle nuances. During my term, my fellow
Board members and I have achieved many successes for Prabasi with
rewarding experiences -- though at times it was quite challenging. We
tried to do our best, though I know at times we could not come up to
your expectations. I hope you understand our limitations and
appreciate Board's hard work and effort.

Best Regards.

Pradip Banerjee
- Chairman
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.

                                              Dated: 02/04/2010
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.