Subject: Three new nominated members of Prabasi
Dated: Dec 18, 2009
Dear Member,

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the three new Prabasi Board
of Directors, who have been nominated and brought on board by the
elected Board members. These new board members will serve the board
for 2 years. The new members are:
1) Rana Bose
2) Arindam Samanta
3) Ashis Sengupta
On behalf of the entire Prabasi organization and its patrons and
members, I welcome all the new Board members on board. I am sure, many
of you know them personally or have seen them working in many of our
events. All of them have been ardent supporters of our organization
for years and have done extensive volunteering work on many of our
events. They have shown keen interest in coming on-board and are
determined to work hard with the existing board members to take
Prabasi to the next higher level in serving our members and community
at large.
With these three new addition, Prabasi now has a full board,
comprising of 11 members, in place. The new board will soon elect new
officers (Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary). Once that is done you
will be duly notified.
1) Pradip Banerjee
2) Subrata Dey
3) Surajit Sengupta
4) Anjali Banerjee
5) Indra Chatterjee
6) Nilanjana Roy
7) Dalia Sen
8) Prasenjit Sengupta
9) Rana Bose
10) Arindam Samanta
11) Ashis Sengupta
I, personally feel that the present board has quite a few new members.
These new members represent broader spectrum of our members in terms
of demography and locality. Also, these new members bring new ideas
and talent that is so much needed to make Prabasi more efficient (in
terms of operations) and effective (in terms of serving our members
better). Dicussion on many issues (e.g. new Thakur acquisition,
cultural event content and composition, membership drive and model,
bringing community together, web-site upgrade and effectiveness,
reach-out programs, etc.) are already in progress. The board will
certainly tap on to our members feedback (directly and/or inderectly)
when needed to make a firm decision on any new ideas.
I urge you all to keep supporting "Prabasi" by becoming active
members. Prabasi is your organization and only your support can make
it achieve higher goals.
Thanks and best regards.
- Pradip Banerjee
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 12/18/2009
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.