Subject: Prabasi Board Election Results
Dated: Nov 17, 2009
Dear Member,

We have just completed the election process that resulted in 4 new
Prabasi Board of Directors.

The election results were presented to the board by the election
committee led by Ashis Sengupta on November 5th. which was then
approved by the board. On 8th. November, Prabasi BODs and the election
committee met with all the applicants and explained the election
results. All the applicants have accepted the election results.
Following are the key results of the election:

1) 7 (seven) Prabasi members applied for serving Prabasi Board.
2) 3 (three) out of 7 (seven) applications were disqualified due to
not meeting one or more required criteria.
3) 4 (four) applications met all the requirements.
4) Since open board positions for election were 4 (four), no physical
balloting was required.
5) The 4 new Board members are now officially on Prabasi Board and
will serve in this position for 3 fiscal years (till 06/30/2012).

On behalf of Prabasi Board of Directors and all our members, I am glad
to welcome the following 4 new members to our Board:

1) Indrajit Chatterjee
2) Nilanjana Roy
3) Dalia Sen
4) Prasenjit Sengupta

I am sure majority of you know these new Directors. They are all long
standing members of Prabasi and have served the community through many
Prabasi sponsored events. They are committed to take leadership roles
in taking Prabasi to a new level with a heightened vision of support
and services. Please feel free to contact them and show your support.

With this 4 new addition, Prabasi Board now has 8 members. To complete
the requirement of 11 board members, the remaining 3 Board members
will be appointed through nomination by these 8 BODs. However, board
nominated BODs will serve a 2 (two) years term.  The appointment of
BOD through nomination is a closed process by the members of the Board
only.If any of you still want to serve on Prabasi Board, I would
encourage you to contact one of the board members for your nomination.
The cutoff date for calling on to any board member to show your
interest is Nov. 22nd, 9:00AM.  We plan to have a full board (11
members) appointed and new officers elected by the end of this month
or early next month.

Thank you for all your support and patronage.
- Pradip Banerjee
Chairman of the Board
Bay Area Prabasi, Inc.
                                                 Dated: 11/17/2009
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.